Одобренный CE автоматически работающий высокоэффективный экологически чистый очиститель воды или кухонный генератор озона

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Product Overview


Product Description

CE approved automatically working high efficiency ECO laundry or kitchen ozone generator water purifier

Using ozone activated water purifier in the kitchen and bathroom, you can remove most of the unwanted substances in the water.

Do you worry your foods such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat are with bacteria, germs and insecticides?
Are you dreaming washing your clothes without ozonated water to kill bacteria?

Now, you don't need to worry anymore and achieve your dream just by opening the water tap. It is an intelligent product which will work automatically by itself.  It is a sensible to live healthier in the most convenient way

Key Features:

---Intelligent household product: works automatically by itself. 

---Kill 99.6 % germs

---Remove bad smells
---Environment friendly & no pollution 
---High performance with 0.5-1.0 mg/L ozone concentrations
---Super stable ozone outputs
---Available for washing hands,  shower,  washing clothes (in washing machine)
---Compact size and wall-mounted design

Product Specification:

YOUMO AQUAPURE Intelligent household ozone water sterilizer WPOZ1.0-E with water flow switch, venturi, static mixer, LCD screen

Model No.
Ozone Concentrations:
0.5 ~ 1.0 mg/L in water
Water inlet / outlet Diameter
1/2"    (optional: 3/4" via adaptor)
Water Flow
4~8 L/min
Water pressure
0.14~0.7 Mpa (20 ~ 100 psi)
Ozone Module
Corona discharge; 1000ppm OZQS0.5F-D V2
Driving Voltage
12V DC (100-240V AC to 12V DC adaptor)
Input Voltage
110/230 V, 50/60 Hz  (100-240V AC adaptor to 12V DC running)
Rated Power
< 36w
Product Size(L x W x H)
36.7 x 27.7 x 8.9 cm
Package Size(L x W x H)
45.5 ×18.5× 33 cm
Product Weight
3.6 kg with accessories

 What is ozone exactly?

 Ozone (O3) is an unstable form of Oxygen (O2) and has a total of three atoms, unlike stable Oxygen that has only two atoms. Ozone is the 2nd strongest known oxidiser and the most powerful readily available water sanitiser. It kills bacteria and viruses over 3,000 times faster and is a 50% stronger oxidiser than chlorine.

How does it work?

As ozone circulates and comes into contact with airborne (or waterborne) pathogens, one of the three oxygen atoms detaches itself from the Ozone molecule, attaches itself to the pollutant and oxidises it and turns it into a safer compound. Ozone is nature's way of cleaning our environment.


Application I: Kitchen

Food Sterilization
Foods are exposed to pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides in the process of growing and packaging. At retailers, where foods are purchased, are exposed to bacteria from the hands of vendors and customers. When fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are placed in ozonated water, surface bacterium is killed. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered useless, making foods safer to eat.

Sterilize Utensils
Salmonella, E.coli, and many other pathogens that cause food poisoning can often be found on utensils and dishes especially while you are cooking. Washing utensils and dishes that are in contact with meat and vegetables with ozone water will eliminate many common food-borne pathogens and also prevent cross contamination from handling. The operational cost for the production of ozone is minimal compared to your other expenses.

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Our Company

YOUMO AQUAPURE is a professional ozone generator and plasma generator manufacturer specializing in the R&D, design, manufacture and processing of ozone/anion products.

Our engineers have very rich experience in ozone generators & plasma generators. We now have a series of high performance ozone generators with patents. We can design and manufacture products according to the customers' special demand.


Packing & Delivery


YOUMO AQUAPURE Intelligent Ozone Water Purifier (WPOZ1.0-E):

1>. Standard export carton packing
2>. 1pc / box,    Box size: 45.5*18.5*33 cm, 3.6kg/ box

3>. 6 pcs / marster carton box,  carton box size:55*46*66 cm ; 28.5kg / carton box


1> samples------------within 2 days after payment arrive
2> batch orders-------2-30 days after payment deposit


Q: What's your advantage? Why we choose you?
1>. High Quality products and profesional
2>. over 10 years experience, ODM, OEM available 
3>. good price, fast shipments

Q: What's the Payment?
1> T/T
2> Credit card, Paypal
3> Western Union, L/C

Q: Do you make your own products or just a trading company?
1> we make our own products
2> we design them and make them
3> we offer ODM,OEM services

Q: How can I get some samples?
Just leave messages or send email to us , we will contact you within 24 hours .

Q: What is your warranty?
For all the standards products, we offer >1 year warranty.

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