155mm pdc drilling drag bit

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Product Overview


155mm pdc drilling drag bit 

155mm pdc drilling drag bit uses high-quality diamond composite sheet and high-density teeth distribution of diamond composite sheet. It has the characteristics of grinding and high drilling efficiency. It is suitable for drilling in soft to medium-hard formations (f < 10). The hydraulic design flushes the cutting tooth front directly.

PDC non core drill bit has high drilling speed and high service life. It is mainly used for drilling gas drainage holes, water drainage holes, grouting holes, geological drilling, hydrological exploration, etc.

1. For core drilling in geology, coalfield, metallurgy, building materials and mines;

2. Core engineering exploration and drilling for highway, railway, bridge, building, hydropower, etc.

3. Grouting reinforcement drilling for soft and dangerous rock, foundation treatment, broken strata, etc.

4. Used for large-caliber engineering drilling, hydrological well drilling, building pile foundation, inverted vertical hole construction drilling;

5. Monitoring drilling and concrete sampling drilling for tunnel ventilation, exhaust and rock mass buildings.


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