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Titanium capillary tube

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Product Description
Titanium capillary tube
  • Specification: of titanium tube/pipe
Item Name  astm b338 gr2 harga pipa seamless pipe titanium tube price per kg
Material pure titanium and titanium alloy
Standard ASTM B337, ASTM B338. ASTM B861, ASTM B862

China brand:TA1, TA2, TC4, TA9, TA10, TA18

Amercian brand:GR1, GR2, GR5(Ti-6Al-4V), GR7, GR9, GR12


             titanium round tube/pipe,     titanium square tube/pipe

             titanium rectangle tube/pipe,      titanium coil tube

Seamless, Welded

  • Chemical Composition: of titanium tube/pipe
Grade                     Chemical Composition (<%)
    Ti    Al     V    Fe    C    N     H    O Other    max
Gr1 Blance --- ---   0.2   0.08  0.03  0.01  0.18  0.4
Gr2 Blance --- ---   0.3   0.08  0.03  0.01  0.25  0.4
Gr3 Blance --- ---   0.3   0.08  0.05  0.01  0.35  0.4
Gr4 Blance --- ---   0.5   0.08  0.05  0.01  0.4  0.4
Gr5 Blance 5.5-6.75 3.5-4.5   0.4   0.08  0.05  0.01  0.2  0.4
Gr7 Blance --- ---   0.3   0.08  0.03  0.01  0.25  0.4
Gr9 Blance 2.5-3.5 2.0-3.0  0.25   0.08  0.03  0.01  0.15  0.4
Gr12 Blance --- ---   0.3   0.08  0.03  0.01  0.25  0.4


  • Permissible variations diameter: of titanium tube/pipe
   Nominal Outside
   in.                 mm
       Permissible Variations in
           outside Diameter
         Over                 Under
       in.   mm           in.   mm
   1/8--1½     (3.2-38)      1/64(0.397)       1/32(0.794)
   > 1½ -4     (38-102)      1/32(0.794)       1/32(0.794)
   >4-8         (102-203)      1/16(1.588)       1/32(0.794)
   >8-18       (203-432)      3/32(2.382)       1/32(0.794)
  • Technological process: of titanium tube/pipe

titanium rod bar.png


Titanium capillary tube


  • Bicycle and automobile exhaust tubing ,cooling pipe,Electroplating equipment,precision instruments,ring,environmental protection equipment
  • Thermal power engineering:condenser, heat exchanger, engine vane
  • Vessels:Running pipes, submersible,gas cylinder
  • Oceaneering: evaporator, heat transmitter, exchanger,oil production platform, oil cooler
  • Chemical engineering:Flat plate heat exchanger, flat plate condenser,cooler tower,chloride barrels
  • Aerospace:Engine, fan plate, gas compressor vane, rack, hatch cover, empennage.titanium tube Application.jpg


  • Low Density 
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance in acid and alkali salt
  • High heat transfer capability
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Low elasticity module
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Superior strength-to-density ratios
  • Good strength at low and high temperature.
Company Information

Titanium capillary tube

   We are committed to this industry for 11 years and can be trusted professional suppliers of pure titanium and titanium alloy tube/pipe. We are capable of completing the order tasks according to quantity and customer requirements.


Before delivery, the pictures of finished products ,packaging details and MTC will be send to our customer, When the customer satisfied with our product, we will promptly deliver goods. There is no deception, the pictures you see are consistent with the goods you receive.

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Titanium capillary tube

Packaging:of 95%wnife tungsten heavy alloy rod bar and cylinder

Packing Details  : Plastic bags and kraft paper as inside, wooden case as outside.

Delivery Details : 2-15 workdays after order of pure titanium and titanium alloy tube/pipe.

Customer's Feedback

astm b338 gr2 harga pipa seamless pipe titanium tube price per kg

Professional reliable, work hard, patience with customers, Let the customer really experience to rest assured, intimate, and save worry new services. 

We are confident that once you choose us one time, you will follow us forever.





astm b338 gr2 harga pipa seamless pipe titanium tube price per kg

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   Yes, we can according to your drawings processing.
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    It mainly depends on weight, volume, packing size and destination port.
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    In stock, 1-2 days, if not, according to your quantity.
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