Садовая черная Солнцезащитная сетка для растений, Балконная сетка, двор, патио, теплица, изоляционная сетка для затенения

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customized service for you !
Customized color and customized size are available. just give us the Pantone NO. and size information

 50%-60% Sunblock Shade Cloth, Cut Edge UV Resistant Shade for Plant Cover, Greenhouse, Barn or Kennel

35gsm -200gsm
Net Width 
2m*3m;2m*4m;2m*5m;3m*4m; 3m*5m;4m*5m  5m*5m or customized size 
Shade rate
Black or customized 
Aluminum color 
HDPE+Aluminum tapes/ HDPE
Using Life 
3-5 years 
Wrap Knitted or plain woven 
Delivery time 
15-20 days after you confirm the order
Terms of payment 
TT or LC 
Production capacity 
300 tons  per month 
Packing in opp bag or customzied packing 

Our service customer

Knitted Truck Tarps are UV stabilized with lockstitch knitted construction. 
They are heavy duty and pliable for dependable transportation. Knitted Truck Tarps are available in black and come with brass grommets every three feet for easy tie-down.

 Protect your pet  well in hot summer

1. 100% virgin HDPE 

2.With UV stabilizer

3.Stable color control, little color shade

4.Durable and strong, 3-5 years warranty

5. No harm to human or environment, baby safety material

Hanging Instructions

When hanging shade cloth pieces larger than 100 sq. ft., you may need extra center support to prevent the cloth from sagging in the middle. One easy way to do this is by running lightweight cable from corner to opposite corner, forming an X pattern that the cloth can rest on. For pieces larger than 400 sq. ft., you may need cables running end to end every 4' or so.

Recommend accessories 

shade cloth zip ties 

Easily attach your shade cloth or tarps with these UV resistant zip ties. Perfect for any covering that uses grommets. Self-locking one piece design offers ease of use and convenience over rope or wire.

These do-it-yourself fasteners are perfect for bulk pieces of shade fabric without conventional grommets. Shade Rite Hinged Grommet Fasteners cover a larger surface area on the fabric for added strength and stability

These handy hooks are a great accessory for easily attaching our Shark Bite fastener to a rope or cable. Perfect for creating instant curtains or just mounting your shade or poly film to any type of line.

Packing & Delivery

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2 needle shade net: shading rate of 50%. generally used for landscaping, large-scale renovation project, more suitable for large-scale field use
3 needle shade net: shading rate of around 70%. special for flowers, vegetables and fruit crops, shade, shade the case without photosynthesis, more suitable for summer and winter crops, greenhouse shade insulation.
4 needle shade net: shading rate of 80%. professional sunshade for higher rate of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and other crops, is also acting on the greenhouse shade.
6 needle shade net: shading rate of about 99%. more commonly used in the carport, roof insulation cooling shade effect directed to require a higher place.

 50%-60% Sunblock Shade Cloth, Cut Edge UV Resistant Shade for Plant Cover, Greenhouse, Barn or Kennel

Recommended Shade Cloth Density

Shade rate
Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron

About us


Q :We have a 26x36 foot greenhouse. It is already getting unbearably hot in there & regular shade cloth isn't keeping up. What percentage would be best for veggies? 70%?

A:40 or 50% Aluminet Shade Cloth would be our suggestion if you want to maintain regular production for your vegetables.

Q:Is it possible to order standard size but ask for grommets to be spaced at 1ft intervals instead of 2? If yes, how would it affect the price and delivery timeline?

A:Unfortunately the placement of grommets is standardized at approximately 2' intervals and cannot be altered.

Q:Can you see through this shade cloth?

A:Yes, you will be able to see through the 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth if you are close to the material. The farther away from the cloth, the less visibility you will have.

Q:Can this product be stretched over my greenhouse without damaging my film?

A:When installed properly, the 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth should not cause damage to greenhouse film.

Q:Will rains still be able to come through the shade screen in order to water the plants?

A:Shade cloth will allow water, like rain, to permeate through the material. The amount of rain that will filter through the fabric will be dependent upon the shade percentage and rainfall intensity levels.

Q:Will the aluminum in the shade cloth break down over time and get into my soil and produce?

A:Our technical associate stated that he has never received negative feedback on the Aluminet Shade Cloth breakdown resulting in the aluminium flaking off and falling into the soil.

Q:We have a pond in our courtyard and want to cover it to keep the hot summer sun off of it. Would you recommend this 70% aluminet or a different one?

A:Our technical representative stated that the 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth should be able to be used effectively in this application.

Q:I have a small area on my patio that the plants burn and I'd like to use this cloth to partially shade the area. I have assorted plants not sure what % to use I'd like to have it so I can see my yard through the cloth if possible .

A:Our master gardener normally suggests a 40-50% Shade Cloth be used for assorted plant shading

Q:What kind of shade cloth do I need to withstand hail falling? Approximate hail size is golf ball size. Color doesn't matter, so I need the best value for my objective.

A:The tough, lockstitch knitted construction of any of our Shade Cloth materials should be able to resist rips, tears and fraying, however, a 100% guarantee against hail damage is not offered from the manufacturer. We do carry Anti-Hail Netting (SC-AHN) that can be used for hail protection as it has been tested to withstand excessive hail amounts.

50%-60% Sunblock Shade Cloth

 50%-60% Sunblock Shade Cloth, Cut Edge UV Resistant Shade for Plant Cover, Greenhouse, Barn or Kennel

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