100% pure sesame oil for cooking

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Sesame oil is a kind of edible oil refined from sesame. Pure sesame oil smell fragrant, and often pale red or red with yellow. According to the difference of processing craft, sesame oil is divided into three types: small grinding sesame oil, mechanism sesame oil and big tank sesame oil.

Sesame oil is one of the indispensable seasoning in Chinese cooking. As the raw materials are expensive, sesame oil is often mixed with other edible vegetable oil in proportion to the different requests. There is no set standard to the proportion of pure sesame oil per production, but the proportion is usually more than 10%. Superior sesame oil often has a higher proportion of pure sesame oil. As one of the important seasoning food, sesame oil is often used as a seasoning of soup or cold dish, or been sprinkled directly on the finished dishes. As a result, the dishes will taste more delicious.


Fatty acid in sesame oil generally contains oleic acid 35.0-49.4% linoleic acid 37.7-48.4% and 0.4-1.2% of eicosanoids. And its rate of digestion and absorption in human body can be as high as 98%. Scientific researches show that sesame oil does not contain harmful ingredients, but contain particularly rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid. Eating sesame oil regularly can help to adjust the infiltration of capillaries, strengthen the capacity of absorbing oxygen of the body tissue, improve blood circulation, promote gonadal development, anti-aging and many other benefits. So sesame oil is considered to be the excellent edible food of good quality and high nutritional value.


Sesame oil Specification: 


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Sesame Oil: 



White sesame seed


Black sesame seed


160ml pure sesame oil


300ml pure sesame oil


420ml pure sesame oil


1.8lpure sesame oil

1.8L*6 barrel/ctn

420ml sesame oil(30%,70%)

420ml*12 bottles/ctn

500ml sesame oil (30%,70%)


1L sesame oil (30%,70%)


1.8Lsesame oil (30%,70%)



Product Application:


 applied in bakery industries and ice-cream and diary industries, like bread, cake, and foods; served over cream cheese or use in your recipes, Food, Cuisine, Restaurants etc.


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