Новый стиль, криокамера, криосауна, аппарат для восстановления криотерапии для профессиональных лечебных травм спортсменов

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Product Overview


Cryosauna Recovery Machine Cryotherapy Chamber For Professional Athletes Injuries 

Product Description



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Packaging & Shipping

Wooden packaging. Mode of  transport: by sea or by air or by train.


Our Services

OEM, ODM. We can provide on-site installation and training.


If you buy our high-quality cryotherapy chamber, rest assured you will be investing in your wellness business and can expect a significant increase in profitability.

Please contact our sales department to get detailed information about the cost of the cryotherapy chamber. Our specialists are happy to provide consultation regarding the model that works best for you and will discuss the numerous benefits to using recovery cryo-equipment.

Enjoy our most up-to-date product with Cryostech! We offer the best cryotherapy and recovery solutions in the market.

Are you ready to join the cryorevolution?


Company Information


We are focus on cryogenics for over 10 years, and can provide professional one-stop service for cryogenic vessels, equipment, and solutions.

We are good at non-standard customization service and developing new products on various cryogenic applications.


Cryo Chains is a high and new tech company, which is specialized in R&D, OEM and selling cryogenic container, cryogenic freezing equipment, and cryogenic solutions.


Cryo Chains has always been upholding the corporate concept that “the company should seek supreme quality, advanced technology, sincere service and innovative development”. We have a technical team of professional technical personnel with experience of about many years in R&D and manufacturing of various types of cryogenic liquid storage transportation, cryogenic freezing equipment.


We have accumulated rich experience in acquiring and keeping vacuum, multi-layer insulation, cryogenic freezing equipment and biological product cryopreservation, cryogenic intelligent electronic control system, and so forth. We have successful experience of several major cryogenic engineering implementations, we have established technical cooperation with various food plants, higher medical institutes and scientific research institutions.


Our business covers stem cell bank, blood bank, hospital, biological engineering, animal husbandry, higher institute, research institution, machinery, petrifaction, semi-conductor, aerospace, superconductor, industrial gas and liquid, metallurgy, frozen food preservation, and so on, and could provide mature project designs.


Our products have passed the test of national cryogenic liquid container testing center; meanwhile we get the CE certificate. The company strictly follows ISO 9001 quality control procedures to ensure its product quality and 100% qualified product rate. In the meanwhile, after-sale service system of quick response is established to make sure that users can safely use its products. Now our products have been sold to over 45 countries in the world and earn very good reputation.



Is it a lot of investment for cryotherapy business?

Cryosauna – it is a good investment move, good for the health of your customers and good for a business interest of you, as an owner. Just 6 m2 needed to start with.

Cryosauna – it is the right investment. When people come for treatment, they invest in their health. By investing in Cryosauna you can launch a reliable business without a large capital, without putting all on the line.

What is cryothrapy?

New and expanding forms of Cold Therapy can be very helpful for folks who have debilitating pain and inflammation.


The word “Cryotherapy” is derived from  the Greek “Cryo” (cold) and “Therapy” (cure). Cryotherapy can be a Whole Body Treatment,  Localized Treatment or CryoFacial Treatment, that we conduct and monitor at extremely low temperatures.


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a systemic anti-inflammatory treatment involving skin exposure to ultra-low temperatures usually around -110ºC to -140ºC for a brief, controlled time of 2-3 minutes.


Our Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers use state-of-the-art Cryotherapy technology. During the treatment your body enters the Cold Chamber from the neck down, and is safely exposed to nitrogen vapor, creating numerous beneficial physiological responses.


During this process, blood vessels rapidly constrict (vasoconstriction) to keep the bodies core temperature unchanged while the average skin temperature drops to 60°F. The extreme cold provokes an analgesic effect through the release of endorphins.


Once outside the chamber, the body returns to a normal temperature and the blood vessels dilate (vasodilation). Blood circulation can be dramatically improved, and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body is also improved.


Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments have been known to release endorphins and feelings of euphoria, creating an analgesic effect that can reduce pain and swelling throughout the entire body.


Cold therapy has been widely used to treat sports related injuries, improve athletic performance, recover faster between workouts or just have increased overall health and wellness.


Whole Body Cryotherapy has been proven over three decades to be a powerful therapy that has become the treatment of choice for many professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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