Long shelf life Primary dry cell 1.5v aaa lr03 am4 alkaline battery for mp3 and toys for wireless mouse

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Product Overview


1.5v Alkaline Battery Description

Long shelf life  Primary dry cell 1.5v aaa lr03 am4 alkaline battery for mp3 and toys for wireless mouse

1.5v aaa lr03 Am4 Alkaline battery Benefits:

  • Higher Energy Densitythis battery has double the energy density of a Leclanché cell and zinc-carbon batteries. This allows the battery to produce the same energy while lasting longer than other batteries.
  • Longer Shelf Life: It could last to up to seven years unused, losing about five percent of its energy every year. This means that it does not easily run out of power while not in use. This battery also functions even at very low temperatures. Susceptibility to leakage is also low compared to Leclanché cell battery.
  • Safety and Environmental Friendly:  this battery has lesser environmental impact because of Mercury and Cadmium Free . It does not require any special disposal methods. The compounds inside an alkaline battery do not pose serious health issues except from mild irritations.

Main Application: Because alkaline batteries provide more energy than zinc batteries, you should use the alkaline cells for appliances such as tooth brushes, toys and game controllers etc. 




If you need other series battery , please find details from below form or Send us an inquiry or Email with your mailing address, we will reply you within half an hour, thank you!


Battery Series Battery Type Battery Size
1 1.2V NiMH / NiCD Battery Rechargeable AA/AAA/C/D
2 1.5V Lithium Battery(With Micro USB) Rechargeable AA/AAA/D
3 1.5V Alkaline-Mn Button Cell Non-Rechargeable AG1~AG13
4 1.5V Alkaline Battery Disposable AA/AAA
5 3V Li-Mn Button Cell Non-Rechargeable CR1220~CR2032
6 3.2V Lifepo4 Battery Rechargeable 10440...18650...32700
7 3.7V Li ion Battery Rechargeable 10440...18650...26650
8 9V NiMH/Li ion Battery Rechargeable Prismatic
18650 Battery Certifications

Our Rechargeable Battery Certifications


As one of the best professional Rechargeable Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, our company and factory have been awarded the certificate for compliance with the standard ISO9001:2000.

We comply with the Battery Standards,all of our batteries has been tested strictly before leaving factory, to ensure that meet the CE, EMC,SGS requirement and RoHS,UN38.3,MSDS,Drop Test and other laws and regulations.

Battery Packaging and Shipping


UN 3480 Lithium ion Rechargeable Batteries Packing Instruction and Shipping Regulations

The batteries UN3480 are lithium ion batteries, rechargeable, without equipment.

We strictly obey battery transportation rules UN 3480 and other Regulations.

Company Information

About Us - Professional Battery Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Shenzhen Doublepow Energy Technology CO., LTD., specializes in the R&D, manufacture, sales and service of various rechargeable battery, battery charger and consumer electrionics. Established in 2012, located in Shenzhen,China.



Our Factory

We are proud of our state of the art facility using advanced processing equipment and is approved by the ISO 9001:2008, which span a total of 10,000 square meters, we can turn out over 2,000,000 pcs batteries and 1,000,000 pcs battery chargers monthly production capacity. 

Our Team.

Compared to other brands, the most valuable asset of "Doublepow" is our team, we have the most professional and top designers who have been in the battery industry for many years, all they are experienced and famous people in this industry.


Our Brands

"Doublepow" brand is a professional rechargeable battery manufacturer, we design and manufacture a range of high-quality rechargeable batteries,battery charger and related products.

Our Products

1. Lithium Battery;
2. NiMH Battery and NiCD Battery,CR2,CR123A Battery Universal Battery;
3. Button Cell Battery(Non-rechargeable);
4. Battery Pack and Other Recycle Rechargeable Batteries;
5. Universal and Multifunctional Battery Charger for 1.2V 3.2V 3.7V 9V Battery; 

If you want to know more informations about us, please Send us an inquiry or Email.Welcome to visit our company and factory in Shenzhen, China.

FAQ 18650 Battery

1. What is an 18650 battery?

The 18650 battery is a lithium-ion cell classified by its 18mm x 65mm size, which is slightly larger than a AA battery. They’re often used in flashlights, laptops, and high-drain devices due to their superior capacity and discharge rates. 18650s come in both flat and button top styles, and usually boast 300-500 charge cycles.

2. How long does an 18650 battery last?

Most 18650 batteries will last between 300 and 500 charge cycles, but battery lifetime can be extended far beyond those numbers if charged regularly before complete discharge. All batteries degrade over time, but you’ll often get over a year or two of life from an 18650 depending on your use.

3. What is the best 18650 battery?

The best 18650 battery depends on the needs of the device you use it in. You should choose an 18650 that is slightly above your device's minimum discharge requirement, and then focus on charge capacity. 

4. What are unprotected 18650s, and are they safe?

Most batteries include protection circuit boards (PCBs) to monitor a battery’s discharge rate and internal temperature. Unprotected cells are often used by experienced users who build battery packs or use 18650s for electronic cigarette and vaping purposes, which often need higher discharge rates than protection circuits allow.
All of our unprotected lithium cells come with a warning regarding improper usage, and we encourage you to read it over before buying an unprotected cell.

5. Why choose lithium over alkaline chemistry?

Lithium batteries are a great option for today's high-end electronics as these cells typically have higher capacities than their alkaline counterparts. Although rechargeable batteries tend to cost a little more than standard alkaline batteries up front, these costs have reigned in because you won't need to replace rechargeable batteries nearly as often as alkaline cells.

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