Customizable Extra Thick Translucent Durable Self-adhering Biodegradable Stretch Wrap Film For Pallet Wrapping

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Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. In contrast, shrink wrap is applied loosely around an item and shrinks tightly with heat.

It is frequently used to unitize pallet loads but also may be used for bundling smaller items. Types of the stretch films include bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film, and static dissipative film.

In pallet unitizing, a stretch wrap can have several functions:

Making sure boxes stay on the pallet and properly aligned is an important consideration in warehouse distribution, especially as the demands for increased throughput continues to rise.


The opaque stretch film offers a variety of advantages over clear stretch film. A few advantages include:

  1. Detours pilferage through valuable shipments by concealing products.
  2. It helps to protect products from UV Rays.
  3. Prevents damage caused by rain, dew, and dust.
  4. Outlasts regular clear stretch film during extended outdoor storage.
  5. Great for color-coding products.

Are shrink wrap and stretch film recyclable and biodegradable? are their biodegradable materials?

Both shrink wrap/film and stretch film/wrap are recyclable and biodegradable. Check with your local recycling center.

Yes! there are two types of fully biodegradable materials.
1.100% whole bio-corn starch can be used to compost and degrade resin. The starch can be re-granulated by combining with biodegradable bio-based materials, which can be used for blown film and injection molding. This film is a translucent beige. It is tough, soft, but feels moister, like silk. Tensile properties, blown film technology close to LDPE. After being used, it is buried in the soil or composted in a microbial environment, and 100% of it is completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water in 3 months, becoming organic fertilizer and returning to nature. This material will only degrade under conditions of microbes and moisture. It can be stored for 1-2 years if it is placed in a warehouse without sealing. After the carton packaging is sealed. It can be stored for 2-3 years.

2. PLA, also known as polylactic acid, is a resin obtained by fermenting starch into a lactic acid monomer and polymerizing the monomer. Through the research and development of our company, we can make the blown film and injection molding. The blown film is colorless and transparent and has a good hand feeling. After use, it is buried in the soil or the compost is 100% all degraded into carbon dioxide and water in the environment of microbes for 3-6 months to become organic fertilizer. Back to nature.

The above two materials can be made into various bag types and can be composted. Our company's materials obtained the OKcompost certificate, EN13432 certificate, obtained ASTM D-6400 certificate in the United States, Australia AS4736.



Wrap Film- (12)Wrap Film- (11)

Do I need a special stretch wrap machine?

Stretch wrap machines are recommended for any business wrapping more than 15 loads per day. Stretch wrap machines help to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and promote a more secure and consistent load. There are a variety of manual stretch film dispensers and products for businesses that stretch wrap less than 15 loads per day. The extended core stretch film is ready and easy to use out of the box. It is great for businesses that need stretch film, but do not ship many loads. Two-handed manual stretch film dispensers are recommended because of ease of use, a built-in braking system, and the ability to tightly secure loads.

How to stretch wrap a pallet?

Extract approximately a yard of plastic off the stretch film roll, squeeze 8 to 10 inches of the end together to form a rope shape. Thread the rope part through one corner of the pallet. A knot is not necessary. Begin wrapping around the base of the pallet. Wrap the base of the pallet at least five times while keeping the film tight as pulled off the roll. Slowly work your way up the box, focusing on keeping the wrap tight. The goal is to have all of the products stay together as one. Once at the top of the pallet, push the top boxes to see if they move or if they are one with the bottom boxes. If they move, wrap your way back down to the bottom of the pallet.

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Packaging & Shipping


1.Are you a factory?
Yes,we are a factory,we made our expansion with two more factories respectively in 

Guangdong province and Jilin Province back in 2008 and 2014, 

covering an area of 50,000 square meters.

2.Can you accept customized orders? OEM or ODM orders?

Yes, we can,not only packing wrap and stretch film but also packing solution,

and we have 10 years OEM and 8 years ODM experience.

3.What makes your company a reliable supplier?
Being the pioneer of blending modification of biodegradable plastics (PLA) and carbon 

dioxide - based degradable materials (PPC) 10 years ago, we have been offering quality products, 

competitive price and industry leading initiative, which makes us the key supplier of 

compostable and biodegradable wrap and stretch film in the global markets.

4.What kind of environment and time does our product need to degrade?
For our compostable and biodegradable wrap and stretch film, need to be buried in the soil, after the decomposition of microorganisms and feces,
 it takes 90-180 days to complete the decomposition and finally decomposes into 
carbon dioxide and water.

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