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<Warm tips for construction>

1. The longer the waterproof tape is, the stronger the adhesion is. Do not tear it after the completion of product construction. 2. In case of high temperature, please select early / late construction, and do not expose to the sun before construction 3. Due to the different temperature of the environment during transportation and use, the product experience will be different, but this will not affect the waterproof effect in the later stage. Please feel free to purchase

Our Advantages
Product Paramenters
Product information

Product brand:


Product material:
The selection of base adhesive + heat insulating metal aluminum foil

Product weight:

2kg / m2
Products characteristics
Strong weather resistance and toughness

Product thickness

Thickening plate 1.5mm
Quality guarantee period:
Keep in a cool and dry place, unopened for 3 years

Product specifications

Scope of Application

Roof crack, floor tile crack, 
balcony corner, corner, 
lap edge of color steel tile crack, etc.

Matters needing attention:

During construction, 
the ground shall be dry without too much ash layer and loose structure, 
and the gas shall be compacted and discharged after being pasted!
A new generation of waterproof roll with butyl rubber and pure metal square aluminum foil.
It is suitable for roof, glass, color steel and other seam waterproofing, pipeline anti-corrosion, home decoration sealing, lighting, etc
Construction display
Construction case
Q1 How to get sample?
we can supply you small rolls samples for free, you only need to pay for the express cost.
Q2 What are the advantages of your products?
First, metal aluminum foil has higher reflectivity, more heat insulation and longer service life Second, no glue overflow, high elongation Third, amazing initial viscosity + high strength adhesion Fourth, strong stepping resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance V. High and low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
Q3 I have never heard of the brand of HOUSE GUARDS. How is the product effect of this brand?
Well, our HOUSE GUARDS brand has developed to the top 10 waterproof brands nationwide in recent years, and we can enter the top 10 in the industry at this speed, it is because we focus on improving the waterproof effect of our products and serve our customers well with high-quality waterproof products. Through years of waterproof experience accumulation, we have a certain influence in the domestic waterproof field, so we begin to enter the global market. Although now many foreign friends don't know much about the brand of HOUSE GUARDS, But we will use our super-national products to make more foreign friends know Chinese enterprises.
Q4 Are you a HOUSE GUARDS direct store or an agent?
We are a direct-sale store, and our products are all products of regular HOUSE GUARDS.

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