Organic Qinghai Goji Chinese Wolfberry Natural Dried Organic Red Goji Berry

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Bulk Sale Organic Dried Fruits Red Medlar Goji Berry Anti-aging Moisturizing Whitening Set Wolfberry

Red Goji Berry, Latin name is Lycium Barbarum, which are also known as Wolfberries. Goji Berry have many healthy function and is approved drug edible item by Ministry of Health of China.

Our Goji Berry are from our self-owned 2000 ha. Organic plating base in Gomud City, Haixi State of Qinghai province, where is northwest of China, Qinhai-Tibetan Plateau, with altitude over 2800 meters, long time sunshine, and big difference temperature between day and night, dry, all these environment factors make the Goji berry here grows good without plant diseases and insect pests, with more nutrition content of Polysscharide (LBP). 

What Nutrition Facts & Function Does Goji Berry Have?

1.Polyssacharide (LBP): Rich in LBP, which have function of strength immunity and anti-age.

2.Amino Acid: Goji Berry contains 18 amino acids necessary for human body, is good resource of nutrition supplement.

3.Protein: Goji Berry contains high content of protein, can supplement energy quickly.

4.B- carotene & VA: Rich in B- carotene & VA, VA content is more than carrot itself, relieve eyestrain, protect eyesight.

5.Betaine: One of main content of Goji Berry, function at metabolize fat and anti-hepatic adipose infiltration.

6.Mineral Substance: Goji Berry contains various mineral substances, like Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and Phosphorus. Among them iron content is highest, and even more than steak.

7.VC: VC content of Goji berry is higher than Oranges.

8.Micro Elements: Goji Berry containts more than 21 micro elements, have function of help metabolism & remove serum cholesterol, improve hematopoiesis and prevent Cardio-cerebrovascular disease.


Product Name
Goji  Berry
Other Name
Wolfberry, Lycium Barbarum
Qinghai Province, China
Harvest Season
Middle Aug. to end of  Oct.
MAX 11.9%
MAX 5.2%
Shelf Life
24 Month

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Our Company

Qinghai Kekexili Health Food Co., Ltd. start medicine production and sales since year 2005. Now it foucus on organic products, including Dried Red Goji Berry(and related deep process products like Goji Seed Oil, Goji Powder, Goji Concentrate Juice) , Dried Black Goji Berr(and related deep process products), Plateau Quinoa, Crystal Honey products since year 2016. The whole group start from medicine and now all our products are produced under GMP medicine standard and are very popular among domestic and oversea customers due to its top quality. In domestic market we have our own brand “SUMISHAN”under running successfully.

Self-owned organic plantation, 2000 ha.“SUMI Mountain Villa" located at the foot of Mountain KUNLUN in Tuolahai desert area of Gomud City, west of Qinghai Province, where average altitude over 380 meters, strong sunshine, rare water, big temperature difference between day & night, all these guaranteed the quality of the goji berry here are top quality, contacts highest proportion of polysaccharide or anthocyanin.

The plantation already certified as organic for EU and USA market from BCS since year 2018 continuously, also have certification of protected Eco-origin product by China.

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