Eco friendly Plastic High Detergency Magic Washing Balls Laundry Ball for Washing Machine

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Product Overview


High Detergency Magic Washing Balls Laundry Plastic Ball for Washing Machine

Plastic Eco-friendly laundry ball magic washing balls


Eco ceramic laundry ball eco ceramic laundry ball 
1. soft material 
3. 3 years Guarantee.1500 


Product Description

Eco eco ceramic laundry ball

100% Natural Components


Chlorine Neutralize

Environmentally Friendly 


FEATURES Eco ceramic laundry ball eco ceramic laundry ball

1. Washing ball  is a scientifically designed device with 4 types of natural ceramic and 3000 Gauss permanent magnets which enable washing without the use of any detergents.

2. Washing ball is an optimum washing solution that replaces common synthetic detergents.

3. Washing ball  provides excellent performance in cleaning bleaching and sterilizing. It has been approved and certified by National authorization institute.

4. Compared with existing laundry methods. WASHING BALL saves detergent. Water. Electricity. Time. Enhances health and benefits the environments.


Laundry Balls are offering you an easy, environmental and economical washing style.
The bio ceramic compound inside the balls splits water clusters and excite the water molecules turning tap water into activated water
The activated water has higher washing power and penetrage in between fabric fibers more easily than the normal tap water.


Main Ingredients:

1.Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

2.Infrared Negative ball

3.Alkaline Ceramic Ball


Washing Ball Advantages :

1) Environmental protection 

2) Safety 

3) The washing effect is pretty good 

4. Anti-statics , cut down water pollution , revive vivid cloth’s color , keep good smell on washing machine.

5.Suitable for all washing machine .


How to use Eco ceramic laundry ball :

1,put the cloths into the machine, then put the laundry balls, no need to add any general washing detergents. 

2, Collapsible, cuff or stubborn stains, pre-processed with stain stick before putting into the machine. 

3, Start to washing after 15 to 30 minutes’ dipping, washing it as usual, the washing ability will be better if dipped for 60 minutes. 

4, Use 1 balls when the cloths is below 3kgs, 2 balls when over it. 

5, Keep balls ventilated after used, dry them naturally, repeat the steps above next time. 

6, Clean the laundry balls every month, dry it in the sun.

7, Non-phosphorus, boron and other harmful chemical element, does not damage the human body ,the skin and clothing 

8,Reduce water pollution. 


1. The Laundry balls can stay in the machine all the time. But drying the ball before using again can get better effect and prolong its life.

2. Filled with solid multifunctional eco ceramic laundry balls, never used as toys by children.

3. Suggestion: not for industrial use or large-scale washing such as laundry shop, but for antibacterial.

4. Different color or easy-fading clothes are suggested to be washed separately.



Use time

The designed using life is 3 years or 1000 times, but Laundry experts just suggest that change the refill ceramics or the laundry balls after 12 months’ using so that to get a better washing ability.






Wash ball


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