100kw heating 500m2 use heavy oil waste oil fuel water boiler

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Product Overview


Product Description

Unlike the traditional three past designs, We improved the boilser, with the special Radian of the combustion chamber, make the second pass of the flame still flow at the chamber (the heat exchanger), and thus ensure the full combustion of the fuel.
With our own waste oil burners, can use various fuels like waste engine oils, waste vegetable oil, waste crankase oils, waste hydraulic oil, waste synthetic oils, waste mineral spirits solvent, waste grades#1, #3, #4 heating oils, waste mixed heavy oil etc., as well as regular oils, such as diesel, animal oils, etc.

Boiler Type
Normal Pressure Water Boiler
Max Output Capacity
Max Output Capacity
Max Output Capacity
Heating Area(sqm)
Content of Water
Oil Consumption
Boiler Size
Flue Diameter
Max Working Pressure
3.5 bar

Direction for use

1. Connect your home water pipe
2. Conconct the burner
3. Comnect the oil pump
4. Set the suitable tempreture
5. Connect the power
Then you will spend a warm winter!

  • Description of application effect

  • Three Pass Way

Pass1: The burner fires pass through the chamber to the back.
Pass 2: With the special design radian at the back, the fires can be back and pass the heat exchanger again. 
Pass 3: The fires go through the third pass and the flue gasses finally to the vent at the back of the boiler
Up to 93% thermal efficiency, burn clean,zero smoke!

Detailed Images

Rapid Cleaning
Openable hinged front doors insure the rapid cleaning and provide the access to the boilers interior surface. The hinged front
door of combustion chamber makes service and maintenance easier and money& time saving.
Easy disassembly of the cover on the back of the boiler makes the cleaning of vent easier.
Intelligent Control Panel
The boiler works automatically and safely. Two buttons are for:
1. Set temperature. The boiler will stop when the temperature up the setting.
2. temperature. In case the temperature reaches the Max. temperature, the Alarm light buzzes.
Low Carbon Steel
High grade low carbon steel special designed for Yuesen boiler, avoid of corrosion and cracking. The combustion chamber is 4mm
thickness of the low carbon steel insure the long life running.
The water pipe is galvanized, high quality, corrosion resistant.

Hot water boiler for home using, wprkshop, farm, greenhouse, warehouse,chicken house,etc.


Packing Size: 174*81*100cm
Packing Weight: 320kg
Packing Way: Plywood box
Shipping Way: By sea or by Land


The buyers often ask about the waste oil boiler:
1. Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
We are manufacturer and we have our own trade company.
2. Do you have any certification?
Yes. All of our products have been CE approved.
3. The minimum order?
1 set.
If we have stocks, we will send out the products within 1 week after received the payment.
4. The different voltage can use it?
Generally, our stocks’ voltage is 220v. Plefase inform us if you need 110v or other.
5. What should I do when I received the products?
Check carefully. If any damage, please take a video or some photos at first and timely feedback to us.
6. Your products’ warranty?
One year and we could supply technical service for ever.
7. Can I visit your factory?
Of cause. Our factory is in Yantai of Shandong Province. Our airport is YANTAI PENGLAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

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