High Quality Bentonite Clay Powder Food Grade

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Main features of bentonite:
1. High concentration and pulping rate;
2. Excellent ability to transport drilling cuttings in suspension;
3. It has a long acting time and keep the mud stable for a long time after mixing.
4. It can form a thin and dense filter cake layer to prevent mud leakage;
5. It can maintain the integrity of horizontal drilling to the maximum extent;
6. It can eliminate the hydration expansion of clay and shale, cement adhesion and prevent drilling tools from sticking.

Our bentonite: calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite,organic bentonite, bleaching earth powder.

1. Bentonite for casting: used as binder and adsorbent, suitable for casting, ceramics and environmental treatment.
2. Bentonite for slurry making: used as binder, suspending agent and absorbent, suitable for oil drilling, foundation engineering and construction cement. 3. Chemical bentonite: used as filling agent, thickener, suspending agent and decolorizing agent for papermaking, rubber, paint, ink, daily chemical industry, coating and textile. 4. Bentonite for feed: used as binder and adsorbent for feed of chicken, duck, goose, fish and pig. 5. Bentonite products for drilling.
6. Bbentonite for facial.
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We are a experinenced non-metal mineral products company, located in LinShou county, Hebei province, rich in all kinds of mineral products.
Our main products: bentonite clay, kaolin clay, barite, diatomite powder, talc powder,tourmaline powder, ion negative powder.glow in the dark stone, dolomite, lava rock, emery sand, vermiculite, perlite, mica flakes, pigment, cenosphere, alkali ceramic ball so on.
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