plastering with lime mortar ready mix plastering mortar for bonded mortar made in china

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Product Overview


Product Application

1 Mainly used for joints the substrate and insulation layer of insulation work

2 Plastering mortar is suitable for the plastering of internal and external walls of buildings or structures,hollow blocks,hollow bricks and concrete walls,etc

Plastering mortar is often divided into two or three layers for construction:

①The function of the bottom mortar is to make the mortar and the base can bond firmly and have good water retention

②The middle mortar is for leveling

③The purpose of surface mortar is to obtain a smooth and clean surface

Main Features

1) Mainly used for joints the substrate and insulation layer of insulation work,adhesvie strength between them can be increased by around 50%,has higher hydrolysis,damp and  Hot& freeze-thaw resistance performance,avoid

phenomenons of empty drum,up shell,falling off of the insulation layer.

2) Good adhesive strength with substrate and thermal insulation layer

3) Good workability,stable strength,easy to control

4) Low dry shrinkage rate ensure maximum dimensional stability of the wall

5) Effectively eliminate seepage,leakage,crack,improve the wall anti-crack,anti-seepage and anti-strain capacity

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Main precautions

Precautions for mortar mixing

1 : 160-190kg of water per ton of mortar

2: Mortar consistency reaches 90-100mm

3: The mixing mortar should be finished within 2-3 hours

Precautions for mortar construction

1: Remove debris from the wall base surface
2: Brick masonry,concrete blocks should be watered and moistened the day before plastering,water should penetrate into walls 10-20mm
3: When plastering all wall base, no clear water on the walls
4: The thickness of each daub is not easy to be greater 7-9mm,when ordinary plastering mortar is used
5: When construction requires layered plastering,the bottom layer shall not be frozen

Precautions for mortar storage

1: Mortar storage should be rainproof,moisture-proof and explosion-proof

2: Storage in dry environment, mortar shelf live is 3 months from the date of production

Packing & Delivery
60 (L) * 40 (W) * 25 (D)

Packaging Details
The normal package is bag packing (Size: 60L*40W*25H). each bag with 25kgs,it can be customized according to  your requirements,
120 (L) * 120 (W) * 50 (D)
2.5 T

Packaging Details
The normal package is wooden pallet under mortar(Size: 120L*120W*50H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.we also can pack it according to customers special request.
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