(New and Original IC Chips DC-DC Converters) TD1583

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(New and Original IC Chips DC-DC Converters) TD1583


Product Description
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Titel.Techcode Semicon TD1583
CategoryPower Management ICs
FunctionOriginal Techcode Semicon TD1583
MfrTechcode Semicon


DC-DC Converters Step-Down Adjustable 1 3.6V 28V 1.222V 26V 3A SOP-8_150mil RoHS




Category:Power Management ICs/DC-DC Converters



Manufacturer:Techcode Semicon

Brand Category:Authorized Brands


Output Configuration:Positive


Output Type:Adjustable

Number of Outputs:1

Voltage Input (Min):3.6V

Voltage Input (Max):28V

Voltage Output (Min/Fixed):1.222V

Voltage Output (Max):26V

Current Output:3A

Frequency Switching:380kHz

Synchronous Rectifier:No

Packaging:Tape_Reel (TR)



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SINCHUN offers the following the following packaging. Cut Tape: When order qty is less than a full reel qty, it is a continuous tape cut from a reel. We will contact you if a continuous tape is unavailable. Reel: When order qty meets a full reel qty, it is an original reel as received from a manufacturer. For example, order qty is 3000, a full reel is 2500. You will receive a full reel and a cut tape containing the rest of 500 pcs.






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