JWM real time gps gprs tracking security guards guard tour system

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Product Overview


Product Description

JWM gps gprs guard tour monitoring system WM-5000P5+



WM-5000P5 is a portable GPS tracking system, which is an innovative product in guard tour field. With a GPS module inside,when collecting location information or starting to patrol, there is no need to install any button or signal card on the location. What you need to do is just to start GPS terminal unit, and use GPS to collect and trace accurate location information, including longitude, latitude, and patrol time. Through GPRS to transfer the data, the officer can track the people in real time. Also 5000P5 system is with PANIC button, when you meet something urgent, you can press this button. The officer will know that there is something happened in first time.
It can be used widely in many areas, especially remote area, such as power transmission cable checking & management, telecom fiber cable checking & management and oil pipeline checking & management etc..

Through GPRS network send real time patrol message to control center
GPS checking place collection
Adopt POGO PIN connector USB port
Super storage capacity, 60000 records storage capacity GPRS or USB cable communication
Extruded ABS plastic, super durable Waterproof and guard proof
Brilliant exterior design, easy carrying Sabotage absorbent, easy maintenance
Real time internal clock
Resistant to electrical shock
Long battery life, rechargeable 3.3v lithium battery





JWM GPS tracker WM-5000P5+ Guard Tour System

Best seller of JWM GPS Guard Tour System series. 

Revolution to traditional Guard Tour Systems------ track the guards in real time and monitor them on the map.

Bright orange color with IP67 protection level ABS plastic body.

Already hit the Global Market for many years!




WM-5000P5+ GPS  Guard Tour System
Operation ModeGPS Position,RFID with 125KHz
TransmissionUSB Cable,Online Data transmission by GPRS/GSM/3G
Storage Capacity60000 pieces
IP RatingIP67
MaterialABS Plastic and TPU
Operating Temperature -40 to 85
Standby time28 hours (send data per 70s )
Battery3.7V/2000mAh rechangable battery 
Management software
Three TypesStand alone/BS/CS
Tailor made software according to customer's specific needs


Hardware quick start guide
1. Before using the equipment, you should install the software to the computer and have the initial setup, for example: collect position and name it as a place name, make route, set guard names and set sending message mode etc. Then through USB cable, download all these information to the reader.
2. After preparation works, the guard can start patrol.
3. Then the guards go to the checkpoints, the reader will automatically collect its position(longitude and lattitude)via GPS. When collected successfully, the red indicator light accompanied by a "vibrations" means that a collection has been made. Then through GPRS, the patrol records can be sent to software in control center.
4. For WM-5000P5+ reader, it has two ways to communicate with control center, GRRS network and USB cable, for GPRS, after basic setup for communication between reader and software, 5000P5+ reader is able to send real time patrol message to control center.
That’s why we call WM-5000P5 a real-time tracker for guard tour system. 

V3--2 patrol report




Company Information

JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd ----- Focused on Guard Tour System manufacturing for 15 years. Our products: Touching guard tour systems, RFID guard tour systems, GPRS guard tour systems, GPS guard tour systems, and other time & attendance products used in supervising guards patrolling in hotel, shopping mall and factory etc., oil pipeline checking and management, police patrol, railway checking and management, power transmission cable checking and management and forest fire control etc.. 



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