6x12 mesh size Coconut shell based activated carbon for gold adsorption

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Product Overview


Coconut shell activated carbon for gold

Heap leaching technology is used in the extraction of precious metals such as gold from the natural ore. Haycarb Activated Carbon gold series offers coconut shell based tailor-made products for heap leach gold extraction manufactured using cutting edge activation and processing technologies.

These carbon products are of high hardness and resistance to abrasion with very high and lasting gold adsorption kinetics and gold loading capacity ensuring effective and efficient adsorption with minimum loss of gold. We have over 40 year experience in the industry, where we are still the dominant and preferred supplier to the premium mines of the world, a testament to Haycarb’s superior product and total quality assurance.

Product advantages
High quality raw materials
Imported from Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka.
The thickness of the product is large to ensure that the product reduces wear during use.
Uniform particle
Reduce losses during activated carbon rinsing.
Bubbling in the water
Putting activated carbon into the water is rich in bubbling. It shows that our activated carbon has developed gaps, good adsorption effect and large amount of gold absorption.
Participate in the African Gold Exchange Conference
African Gold Mine Exhibition
CIP /CIL /CIC gold
Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
    Zhulin has been a pioneering supplier of activated carbon for Carbon in Pulp (CIP), Carbon-in leach (CIL) and Carbon-in-circuit (CIC) processes in gold mining since the 1990s. Recognizing the critical role activated carbon plays in a gold mining process, Zhulin Gold Activated Carbon series present a range of coconut shell based re-generable products for CIP/CIL /CIC extraction process boasting high hardness values and resistance to abrasion. These characteristics of Haycarb activated carbon products ensure that the carbon does not break into fines during the vigorous agitation steps in the circuits and consequent loss of gold.
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