feet care remove body toxins bama herbs foot spa chinese foot bath powder

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feet care remove body toxins bama herbs foot spa chinese foot bath powder



1. Products Introduction: 

Without additives and chemical composition, this foot bath powder is made from crushed traditional Chinese medicine with international advanced low-temperature crocus technology after exquisitely selecting authentic precious Chinese herbal medicine on mountains. According to the theory of" external treatment for internal diseases", the essence of herbal powder would infiltration into human body through effects of warm water which can active blood and dredge the channels so that purpose of physical fitness could be achieved and disease could be prevented.  


bama herbs foot bath powder original bama herbs

2. Product ingredients: 

Many Chinese herbal medicine like Yishenbaonuan , Niudali, Tonliangsan, Tuber Fleeceflower Stem, etc



3. Product Effect:  

Promote blood circulation and activate meridian, clear heat and expel of toxin, promote metabolism 


4. Usage: 

Put one or two bags of the product into boiling water(1—2kg).Add some warm or cold water in after the product melting to make the temperature can be acceptable by the foot. The temperature shall be high but be careful of scald injury.(1,2 patients with diabetes' temperature not too high), adding suitable amount of hot water when water temperature is low. The soak foot time should not be too long, twenty to thirty minutes advisable, till after brain damp and forehead sweat is better. 


bama herbs foot bath powder original bama herbs

5. Note:

(1)This product for external use, prohibit internal use;

(2)The babies and infants prohibit use; pregnant women prohibit use; the bath place are injury, fester should be used with caution; 

(3) please use it before deadline date;

(4)Please store it in a cool, ventilated place. Ensure children can't be in contact.



6. Suitable for those people: 

Senior citizens: With the essence of traditional Chinese medicine

This product is fit for middle age people and older age people, for the person of tendon being unable to move , clonic spasm of the muscle ,paralysation of the body ,puffiness of the legs ,cold foot



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