Smokeless Bamboo Coconut Shell Carbonization machine, Latest Design Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

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Product Overview


 Latest Design Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Making Machine


Product Description


With the of conventional fuel (coal, natural gas) price keep rising, the new energy resources start to get people’s attention, many people begin to focus on new energy business. In agricultural countries, charcoal is used as a kind of renewable, clean, eco-friendly energy fuel. Beside energy industry, charcoal has been applied in many other industries with growing demand. This plant uses biomass and agro-forest waste as materials and produce stick shape charcoal briquette in many size & shape.

Charcoal production line is consists of crusher, dryer, biomass briquette machine, carbonization stove, conveyor and some other ancillary facilities. We are make charcoal briquettes from all kinds of Agro-Forestry waste and no need binder.

Below is the flow chart showing how the complete line works:

Wide use of smokeless charcoal:
♦ Charcoal in industry: It is mainly used in combining carbon of industrial materials, metallurgy, and the carburizing carbon of chemical industry.

♦ Charcoal in agriculture and animal husbandry: It can raise the soil temperature, maintain soil moisture, mitigate the organic fertilizers and improve soil PH.

♦ Charcoal in life: People often use charcoal heating, barbecue, as well as the fuel used to the tea and tobacco drying.


Woking process of making charcoal:

Step 1- Crushing: crush the raw materials into small pieces (3-5mm).

All type of Agro-Forestry waste can be used such as sawdust, wood chips, crop stalks, etc.
PS1: If your raw material size is less than 5mm, you can ignore the crush process.

PS2:You can also carbonize the material without crushing and briquetting

Step 2- Drying: dry the crushed materials to reduce the moisture content below 8-12%;

PS1: if the moisture of raw material is 8-12%, you can ignore the drying process

Step 3- Briquetting.
Final products from briquette machine:


♦ square, round, hexagonal, pentagon(with/without edge)
♦ Hollow
♦ Diameter: 50-80mm
♦ Inside diameter: 15-20mm
♦ Length: 20-50cm
♦ Specific gravity: 1200—1300kg/m3
♦ Calorific value:4000-4800kcal/kg


Step 4 - Carbonization: Put finished sawdust briquettes into the Carbonization Stove to convert the sawdust briquettes into charcoal briquettes(5500-7000KCAL / KG)


Load 2.5tons machine-made briquettes, 8hours will get 1000kg machine-made charcoal. Load 2tons natural wood, 8-10hours will get 600kg-800kg natural charcoal.
Normally it takes 8-10hours. If your natural wood is fresh, it takes long time to remove moisture of wood, therefore, carbonization time is longer.


How to produce charcoal? It divides three processes:


1. Heat
After sealing work, use wooden wastes or gas to heat furnace. Primarily, 10 minutes big fire to burn, when the temperature reaches 90 degrees centigrade, turn to use slow fire to heat. It takes 80-120minutes for this process to reduce water vapor from your materials.


2. Pyrolyse
Keep heating, when the temperature reaches 180-235 degrees centigrade for 3-5hours, it will produce gas from this process. Reuse this gas as fuel to heat. The whole process is about 8hours. When the temperature reach highest and it reduces, the dry distillation process will finished.


3. Cooling
Hang the Inner pot outside, and seal the pipes of cover. Let it cool naturally. Cooling time is longer, the quality of charcoal is good. When the temperature lowers than 50 degree, you can take charcoal out. Otherwise, the charcoal will burn again when met oxygen of air.

Layout of 3T/D Charcoal Briquette Plant

c0a819d6dc73c0fb.jpgCustomize your own biomass briquette plant now !!!


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Related Equipments:


* Wood Crusher:

canmax  -  - .jpg

Model CapacityPowerRPMKnives MaterialKnives QTY
CMF-420400-600kg/h7.5kw2600Manganese Steel4
CMF-500600-800kg/h11kw2600Manganese Steel4
CMF-6001200-1800kg/h15kw2300Manganese Steel4
CMF-7001800-2200kg/h22kw2300Manganese Steel6
CMF-8002000-2500kg/h30kw1500Manganese Steel6
CMF-10003000-3500kg/h37kw1500Manganese Steel6
Machine Introduction:
1. This wood crusher machine is use for branches, logs, wood etc. It is multi-functional and high efficiency.
2. With very low noise, less than 80DB.
3. The diameter of feed materials can be 50-200mm; crushed materials is 2-5mm.
4. We can also equip with the diesel engine.
5. Please tell us the color you prefer to, we can make it as your demands.



* Dryer:

canmax 1.jpg

ModelPowerCapacityFeeding Size(mm)Dimension(mm)
(If you want to the higher capacity, we also have the Drum-type dryer )


* Briquette Machine:

Briquetting is a process during which raw materials are compressed under high pressure and high temperature. After the processing of drying and pressing, the briquette is characterized by high density, small in size, better combustion, capable as the substitute for the superior coal or firewood.canmax 2 - .jpg

ZBJ-5015KW200-250KG/H550KG1.68*0.72*1.25MBRIQUETTE DIA 50MM
ZBJ-8022KW400-450KG/H750KG1.92*0.72*1.32MBRIQUETTE DIA 80MM
A: the working principle is by high pressure and high heating temperature
B:The heating temperature is around 300°C to 330°C
C: The screw gap could be the size as 32mm, 36mm, or 40mm


* Carbonization Stove:

Carbonization furnace is to carbonize the biomass briquette into charcoal briquette.

biomass briquette carbonization stove (4).jpg

ModelPowerCapacityWeightEquipment list
THL-10.75KW3T/D4T1*outer furnace,
3*Inner pots,3*covers,
1*purification tank,
1*3t lifting device
THL-20.75KW6T/D8T2*outer furnace,
6*Inner pots,6*covers,
2*purification tank,
1*5t lifting device
THL-30.75KW+1.5KW9T/D12T3*outer furnace,
9*Inner pots,9*covers,
3*purification tank,
1*5t lifting device
THL-40.75KW+1.5KW12T/D16T4*outer furnace,
12*Inner pots,12*covers,
4*purification tank,
1*5t lifting device



Packaging & Shipping







Difference between CANMAX and others:

♦ Thickness of outer stove is: wall --- 4mm, bottom --- 12mm, other supplier uses 3mm and 8mm.
♦ Thickness of Inner pot is: wall --- 8mm, bottom --- 10mm, other supplier uses 4mm and 6mm.
♦ The brick we used for building outer stove is good quality, high temperature resistance, white refractory bricks. Other supply uses common bricks.
♦ National certified motor with copper core.
♦ Container design for better loading solution


♦>> What materials do you use to dry ?
You can use almost all the biomass materials.
♦>> What is the max moisture of your material ?
Our machine can dry biomass materials between 60% and 70%.
♦>>What is the temperature? 230℃
♦>>What is the carbonization rate ? can reach 99%.
♦>>Could you offer complete briquette machine production line ?
Yes, we will allocate suitable production line, according to your special requirement, such as crusher, conveyor, dryer, briquette machine, etc.
♦>>Where is your factory located? How do I get there ?
We are located in Gongyi city, Henan province, middle of China; The nearest airport is XINZHENG International Airport, and the Airport Code is CGO
♦>>What is capacity of your machine ?
One furnace can get: 3tons machine-made charcoal, 1.8-2.5tons natural wood charcoal.
♦>>What is carbonization time ?
Usually, 8-10hours.
Therefore, carbonization time is longer.
♦>>When the charcoal is finished ?
There is no smoke and smoke is blue lucid, the process is finished.
♦>>How many times should we cool the charcoal ?
It takes 10-16hours. 
♦>>Does this machine has spare parts ?
Yes, below is some parts of this machine, please check it. When you buy our machine, we will attach 1*propeller, 1*shaping pipe , 3* welding rods, 3* Heating rings





We are a professional manufacturer of various machines for 14 years. Our main products includes charcoal machine, Coal briquette machine, Wood Crusher, Oil press machine, Biomass briquette machine, etc. With 6 years exporting experience, we are now the leading supplier in middle China now, our products has been exported to more than 55 countries in the world. Clients profits go first is our principle. We have good faith in working with you and we are sure CANMAX team is one of your best Choices in China.

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