1-2mm Natural Manganese Sand Filter Media for waste water treatment

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1-2 mm Natural Manganese Sand Filter Media for waste water treatment

Manganese sand filter media for sewage purification can be called green sand or manganese greensand. It is a type of filter media used in water filter and water filtration system for iron removing, maganese removing from drinking water, ground water, industrial water and



Manganese sand filter material is used domestic grain quality, dense, high mechanical strength, chemical activity, strong, not easy and broken, insoluble in water natural adsorption.After washing grinding removing impurity, drying, magnetic separation, screening and dust process into sand.Again the processed manganese sand according to certain gradation concocting and into. 


It has water treatment filter material ideal gradation ratio, making it the biggest in unit volume has specificsurface area, the strongest sectional dirt ability, the biggest catalytic oxidation and minimum backwash churn.  It brown-black appearance, suborbicular, ingredient is manganese dioxide, content in a range of 20-30-35%--45% 


Manganese Sand Advantages


1.Under the proper conditions, no extra chemical to purchased for maintenance. Regeneration not required.


2. Iron removal efficiency is extremely high.


3. Negligible labor cost: only periodic backwashing required.


4. Long life and wide temperature range.


Manganese Sand Standard Size:0.25-0.5mm 0.5-0.8mm 0.8-2mm 1-2mm 2-4mm 4-8mm (the size is customized)

Manganese Sand Index:

Bulk density1.75t/m3Moisture<3%

Manganese Sand show:%

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