Geological research different mineral items slides Mixed mineral geography prepared slides sets

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Geological research different mineral items slides Mixed mineral geography prepared slides sets
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Stone crystal or mineral crystal is showed under microscope for the mineral stone, Under biology microscope, which shows almost same color crystals, and just see the surface,but different color crystals and more details under polarizing microscope for geological research.Which is checked through crystal shape,image and content,then we can know what kind of stone it is.
Mineral stone grinding thin section shows the crystals with combination and arrangement in rule,which can be clearly explain surface distribution and minral kinds,the differe-nce and changes can be also checked the spread And Geology and geomorphology.

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S1 kimberlite
S2 quartzite
S3 ledikite claystone
S4 limestone
S5 gritstone
S6 quartz sandstone
S7 coarse siltstone
S8 glauconitic sandstone
S9 diorite
S10 simait
S11 vesticular basalt
S12 shallow particle rock
S13 augite
S14 calcareous sandstone
S15 Mica Schist
S16 mellar packsand
S17 siliceous sandstone
S18 green schist
S19 crinoidal limestone
S20 verrucano
S21 picrite
S22 diorite-porphyrite
S23 silty siliceous shale
S24 chalcedonic
S25 flint zebra limestone
S26 muscovite-quartz schist
S27 green rock-fragment sandstone
S28 calcirudyte
S29 dolomite
S30 chlorite-garnet schist
S31 olivinization marble
S32 oolite siderite
S33 Yellow sand litharenite
S34 arkose
S35 siliceous phyllite
S36 glauconite
S37 greywacke
S38 plagioclase
S39 spotted pentlandite
S40 monzonite
S41 porphyritic granite
S42 wernerite
S43 biotite
S44 nodular ore
S45 sodalite
S46 iherzolite
S47 hematite
S48 rose quartz
S49 lapis lazuli
S50 phlogopite

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S51 jasper
S52 actinolite
S53 gigantic swinestone
S54 magnesite
S55 sericolite
S56 opal
S57 mournite
S58 Hsiuyen jade
S59 siltite
S60 Iron cementitious sandstone
S61 silty shale
S62 mecrocrystalline marble
S63 black pumicite
S64 minette
S65 chlorite
S66 almandine chlorite schist
S67 zeolite
S68 biotite schist
S69 serpentine bowlder
S70 silicon taconite
S71 tufa
S72 dichroite cordierite taconite
S73 albite
S74 phyllite
S75 aporhyolite
S76 Dacite porphyrite
S77 nepheline syenite
S78 banded oolitic dolomite
S79 hornblende andesite
S80 pozzuolana
S81 hyalopsite
S82 staurolite schist
S83 ignimbrite
S84 argillaceous sandstone
S85 green rock-fragment sandstone
S86 quartzose conglomerate
S87 biotite plagioclase gneiss
S88 tremolite schist
S89 granitization granite
S90 greisen
S91 lithophysa basalt
S92 banded dolomitize marble
S93 biotite granulite
S94 altered diorite
S95 vesicular lava
S96 coquina
S97 amphibolite
S98 carboncaceous-siliceous slate
S99 diopside marble
S100 silicalite

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1.Under microscope of microbiology slides:structure morphology are clear&complete, you can easy to find characteristics of you want.
2.Material and specimen of microbiology slides,they are all fresh,through special processing and achieve observe the effect of ideal.
3.Stain of microbiology slides:Hematoxylin and eosin Staining silver staining ect,we also can use special staining according to your requirement.
4.Microscope slides size of microbiology slides:size of under general circumstances76.2*25.4*(1.0-1.2)mm,EU Standard Glass or plastic,you also can feel free to choose 7101,7102,7103,7104,7105,7105-1,7106,7107,7107-1,7108,7109,7110,7111 ect.
5.Detailed products labels of microbiology slides is attached on one side,label font with red or black or blue.labels have transparent or opaque,you can feel free to choose.stylish design.

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Currently, our biological prepared slides contain following types :botany,zoology,microbiology,embryology, human histology, cell biology and genetic, pathologic histology,medical parasitology, medical plant biologies, mineral slides,Hematology slides,

fluorescence slides,12 groups more than four thousand can feel free to choose your prefer.

532 different items
306 different items
188 different items
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37 different items
31 different items
Pharmaceutical biology
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Usually we will take 3-15 days to produce the new slides,which is all based on the quality first..
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Our MOQ is 100 as usual,price will be higher if you only order 1.

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No problem,Our main products are prepared slides, microscope glass slides,coverslips,heating mantle,microtomes,microscope accessories,biological specimens, teaching models, experiment materials.
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We do have, and we do very well during the ordering time,many urgent reply and calling;we can supply 1 year after sale service. And do contact us if you have any question.

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