Portable Electric Stove Hotplate Cooker Hot Plate With Kitchen Oven

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1, the first time you use the electric furnace, you need to adjust to the highest position to heat 3-5 minutes to evaporate the protective layer of the furnace surface. At this time, there may be
A small amount of smoke is discharged, which is a normal phenomenon.
A vessel placed on an electric furnace must have a smooth bottom and a diameter consistent with the size of an electric hot plate.
If the size of cooking vessel chassis is smaller than that of electric disk, it will affect the normal heating area of electric disk.
If the bottom of the vessel is not flat, concave, can not be used.
When used, no other debris should be placed within 30 cm around the furnace to prevent ventilation.
Note: The light on the front of the shell will go out when the furnace reaches the temperature you set, and when it is below the temperature you set, the light will turn on, cycle, and automatically keep warm.


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