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Product introduction
Black rice is a kind of rice for both medicine and food, which belongs to glutinous rice. Black rice is a kind of characteristic variety formed by long-term cultivation of gramineous plant rice. There are two types of grain types, Indica and japonica, and the grain quality can be divided into waxy and non waxy. Brown rice is black or brown. Black rice is dark in appearance and rich in nutrition. It has the reputation of "Black Pearl" and "the king of rice in the world". Many places in China have production, including Shaanxi black rice, Guizhou black glutinous rice, Hunan black rice, etc. Black rice is black or dark brown, rich in nutrition, high in food and medical value. In addition to porridge, it can also make various nutritious food and wine, known as "Black Pearl" and "the king of rice in the world". The most representative black rice in Yangxian County, Shaanxi Province, has been known as "medicine rice", "Gongmi" and "shoumi" since ancient times.
Nutritional value of product
Black rice and purple rice are both precious varieties of rice. Main nutrients (brown rice): calculated by dry matter, it contains 8.0-12.5% crude protein, 2.7-3.8% crude fat, 75-84% carbohydrate and 1.7-2% crude ash. The rice porridge made of black rice is fragrant and glossy, soft and glutinous, nutritious and has a good nourishing effect, so it is called "blood tonic rice", "longevity rice", etc.; Chinese folk have the saying that "every black must be filled". Also has the black hair function.
1. Black rice is rich in protein, carbohydrate, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other nutrients.
2. The inorganic salts such as manganese, zinc and copper in black rice are mostly 1-3 times higher than that in rice, and the special ingredients such as vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanin, carotene and cardiotonic glycoside are also contained in black rice, so black rice is more nutritious than ordinary rice.
Product efficacy and function
1. Anti aging
There are anthocyanins in the outer layer of black rice, which have strong anti-aging effect. Studies at home and abroad show that the darker the color of rice, the stronger the anti-aging effect of epidermal pigment, and the role of black rice pigment is the strongest among all kinds of rice colors. In addition, the pigment is also rich in flavonoids, which is five times more than that of white rice. It has a great effect on preventing arteriosclerosis.
2. Hypoglycemia
Black rice contains more dietary fiber, starch digestion speed is slow, blood glucose index is only 55 (white rice is 87), so eating black rice will not cause blood glucose fluctuations as eating white rice.
3. Control blood pressure
Potassium, magnesium and other minerals in black rice are also conducive to control blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, diabetic patients and cardiovascular disease patients can take black rice as a part of diet.


Product Name Black Rice
Brand Uncle Chow
Store Dry and cool place
Shelf life 1 year
MOQ 1000kg



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