12K 33ohm PTFE resistance carbon fiber heating cable for underfloor heating

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Product Overview



Model 36K 24K 18K 15K 12K 9K 6K 3K
Resistance Ω/m 10.5 17 22.5 25 33 42 66 133
Wire Diameter mm 3.2 3.0 2.8 2.5 2.2 2.0 1.8 1.5



Product Model: 24K carbon fiber heating cable

        Working voltage: 220V                               

        Insulation strength: >500 megohms
        Product model: 24k                                   

        Outer layer protection: high temperature resistant PVC layer
        Product specifications: 12.5m per group   

        Temperature resistance temperature: 280 degrees
        Product power: 230w per group                 

        Wire diameter: 5.5mm

Specification Power(W) Laying area
2 roots / group 460 3
3 roots / group 690 4.5
4 roots / group 920 6
5 roots / group 1150 7.5
6 roots / group 1380 9
7 roots / group 1610 10.5
8 roots / group 1840 12
9 roots / group 2070 13.5
10 roots / group 2300 15
11 roots / group 2530 16.5
12 roots / group 2760 18
13 roots / group 2990 19.5
14 roots / group 3220 21




1.K represents the meaning of thousands?

1K is a thousand silk, 24K is 24 thousand silk (24000) composition

Different K numbers represent different resistorsl


2.The difference between silicone and PTFE

PTFE/PFA/FEP carbon fiber heating wire

Advantages: Wear, corrosion resistance, no smell

Disadvantages: Relative to the silicone are not soft

Silicone carbon fiber heating wire

Advantages: Resistant to bending, soft

Disadvantages: There is smell


3.What is the resistance per meter?

1K=400Ohm/m, 2K=220Om/m, 3K=133hm/m, 6K=74Ohm/m, 9K=43Ohm/m, 12K=33Ohm/m, 15K=24Om/m, 18K=21Ohm/m, 24K=17Ohm/m, 36K=12Ohm/m, 48K=9Ohm/m


4.How to calculated power

Product power calculation:


The longer the length, the smaller the power of the heating line


The heating wire can not overlap when used! Can not cross!

Cross-over will make the heating line local temperature higher than the melting point of the protective layer, will damage the heating wire!


5.About installation

The normal laying power is 100-160 watts per square. Different areas can be increased or decreased according to the room's own insulation and the type of floor. The installation is very simple, we will guide the installation, the normal laying distance is 12cm.


The carbon fiber heating wires must not cross between each other during installation and should not be touched with each other. After installation, wait until the concrete floor is fully dried and then heat to prevent the floor from being cracked and twisted due to excessive temperature rise. When using the floor heating for a long time, set the minimum temperature first, then slowly heat up for the same reason.





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