Yifan 5kW 6kW photovoltaic solar panel complete system 1200W solar system roof installation kit with battery

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3 (4)1217
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Input DC12V Output AC220V 50/60HZ
Continuous output power:1500VA;
With battery charging current adjustable / LCD Display / With Battery Cable
PWM 30A/12V * 1pcs
      More configuration
Solar PanelPoly155w/18v *4pcsPoly260w/30v *4pcsPoly260w/30v *9pcsPoly260w/30v *18pcsPoly260w/30v *24pcs
Deep-Cycle Battery200AH/12V *1pcs200AH/12V *2pcs200AH/12V *4pcs200AH/12V *8pcs200AH/12V *12pcs
Intelligent Digital Charge ControllerPWM 30A/12V * 1pcsMPPT 60A/24V * 1pcsMPPT 60A/48V * 1pcs MPPT 60A/48V * 2Pcs MPPT 60A/48V * 2Pcs
Pure Sine-wave InverterDC12V 1500VA 50-60HZDC24V 3500VA 50-60HZDC48V 5000VA 50-60HZDC48V-220V/7500VA 50-60HZDC48V 10000VA 50-60HZ
Battery Box1 pcs batteries in one box2 pcs batteries in one box4 pcs batteries in one box4 pcs batteries in one box * 2pcs box.4 pcs batteries in one box * 3pcs box
PV Copper Wire and battery cable6mm² wire*10meters * 2pieces;           6mm² cable*1meter * 2pieces;           16mm² cable*0.7meters * 2pieces. 4mm² wire*10meters * 2pieces;           10mm² cable*1meter * 2pieces;           16mm² cable*0.7meters * 3pieces.6mm² wire*20meters * 2pieces;           10mm² cable*1meter * 2pieces;           16mm² cable*0.7meters * 3pieces;          16mm² cable*0.2meters * 2pieces.6mm² wire*50meters * 2pieces;           10mm² cable*1meter * 4pieces;           16mm² cable*0.7meters * 8pieces;          16mm² cable*0.2meters * 4pieces.10mm² wire*50meters * 2pieces;           16mm² cable*1meter * 4pieces;           16mm² cable*0.7meters * 13pieces;          16mm² cable*0.2meters * 6pieces.
Total Power (If battery is full)1920Wh3840Wh7680Wh15360Wh23040Wh
G.W (KG/Set)125 KG260 KG480 KG940 KG1300 KG



Product features

1.All systems has LCD digital display.(Can see the system working condition,such as system voltage,system power,

  charge current,etc)


2.All systems have AC and DC output,and also have AC charger function for backup.


3.When the electricity off,it can switch automatically and take use of barrery power to run load.When power on it also

   can switch automatically and take use of main power (utility electric/generator electric),at the same time chargiing



4.The inverter is pure sine wave inverter,it can load inductive load such as air condition very smooth.


5.Each component has single chip detect which protected itself,(Over-voltage protection,low-voltage alarm,overload

   protection,over-heat protection,short-circuit protection,etc)


6.Battery for option,there are many kinds of battery you can use in the system,not only using our battery.


7.Yifan solar power system can update configuration easily,we will provide a professional advice for you

   according to your inquiry.


8.Easy installation,we will provide the install files and data to you.


9.Competitive price with high quality solar power system,professional technology,and more function than other company.


10.Long lifespan,due to the high quality system components.








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