amazon best seller Handmade Releasing Pressure Moisturizing Soothing Natural Essential Oils rainbow cloud bath bombs for Spa

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Best Selling Handmade  rainbow cloud Releasing Pressure Moisturizing Soothing bath bomb



Explosive salt is commonly known as bath salt. It is a health product for bathing in a bathtub or hot spring. It is moisturizing and delicate when bathing. The fresh and elegant fragrance makes the skin feel relaxed and comfortable. The hot spring-like bath makes people enjoy the natural beauty. Explosive salt bath has the functions of delicate moisturizing, comfortable skin, brightening skin tone, tenderness and smoothness. Our company's carefully crafted explosive salt can take good care of your skin while taking a bath, so that you can feel the softness it brings to the skin. With a smooth touch, your skin is radiant.


How to use: After filling a proper amount of warm water in the bathtub, sprinkle an appropriate amount of this product (about 25 g / 100 liters of water), soak the whole body (exposing the head) in the bathtub, scrub the whole body, and then rinse with water.

Tips:Keep the temperature of the water at 40 ℃, relax in the bath for about 15 minutes, rinse with water after soaking, and take a bath three times a week.

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