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Product Description
Expanded Perlite
In order to make the familiar perlite, we need to mine the gray to Black Obsidian rock, crush it into smaller pieces, and then heat it to a very high temperature. Once the temperature reaches 850-900 ℃, perlite will become soft. Water trapped in the rock evaporates and tries to escape, swelling the rock to more than 10 times its original volume, and turning the color or perlite white. It's very similar to popcorn.

The resulting expanded perlite is a lightweight material filled with tiny air pockets. It is clean, sterile and resistant to compaction. The outer pocket absorbs moisture and prevents it from entering the center of the perlite block.
Details Images
Expanded perlite 1-3mm
Expanded perlite 2-4mm
Expanded perlite 3-6mm
Expanded perlite 4-8mm
Expanded perlite 12-18mesh
Expanded perlite 30-50mesh
Chemical Composition and Size
Size: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-6mm, 4-8mm, 12-18mesh, 30-50mesh, 90mesh etc.
Expanded perlite has the properties of sound absorption, low moisture absorption and strong frost resistance, so it is widely used as the heat preservation and sound insulation materials for buildings, as well as the materials for agricultural soil improvement and increasing the capacity of moisture preservation.
In addition, it can also be used as auxiliary materials in industrial casting, brewing, filtration, washing and other processes.
Expanded perlite can be added to a soilless mixture to improve drainage and aeration, providing more oxygen to the roots of plants. It is also added to the garden as a soil additive to improve the soil structure. Perlite also helps to reduce the compaction of clay in the soil.
Perlite has been used as aggregate in lightweight thermal insulation concrete, and as loose filling thermal insulation material for concrete blocks, hollow walls and residential buildings. It can also be used in various special applications, such as fire spray, chimney filler, gap floor, acoustic spray, etc.
Perlite filter aids are widely used in water and wastewater treatment, food processing, industrial oil and solvent recovery, purification of chemicals, resins, polymers, waxes, oils, adhesives, paints and more due to it low density, availability, performance, economy and environmental footprint.
As a thermal insulation material of Perlite is widely used in iron and steel and casting industry. It is used as a compound of ladle sprue, hot sprue and riser in the form of heat prevention and insulation, such as buffer, for the manufacture of molding sand and refractory brick.
Packing & Delivery
Normally, packaging method is 100L/bag. 30 cubic meters can be loaded into a 20GP, and 72 cubic meters can be loaded in a 40HC.
At the same time, the customized packaging can be provided.
Our Advantages
Fousing on non-metallic minerals for 15 years with rich export experience and professional knowledge
Supply capacity
There factories located in Xinjiang, Tianjin and Hebei. Warehouse more than 6000m2 in Tianjin to gurantee the fast delivery
Free sample withine 1-2kgs for customer to check the quality before order to ensure can be used.
Customer Photos
We have been specialize in exported seventeen years. Until to now, our products have been exported to over 30 countries, such as USA, Eurpoe, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines etc. And the feedback has always very good.
Company Profile
Established in 2008, Shijiazhuang Mining Imp&Exp Trade Co., Ltd. is a certified enterprise integrating research, production and marking of non-metallic minerals. Our products catalog including andalusite, bauxite, steel wool, sepiolite, mineral fiber, brucite, mica, zeolite, vermiculite etc.

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