Chlorine dioxide Anti-Perspirant shoe deodorant odor spray

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Product Overview


Sweaty foot deodorizer



                    SDS Chlorine dioxide Anti-Perspirant shoe deodorant odor spray


1.STOP UNPLEASANT FOOT ODORS: Looking for effective ways to combat smelly feet and inhibit bacteria growth?


Forget about smelly feet. Forget about sweaty toes.

Forget about stinky shoes! Enjoy long lasting foot freshness with this odor remover spray.



This ClO2 foot deodorizer is 100% safe for all. Men, women and teens.

Remove bad odors from your shoes effortlessly and moisturize your feet at the same time. Deodorizes and keeps your feet fresh all day long without ever clogging your pores.


3.Easy to Use  





Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is an internationally recognized high-efficiency disinfectant that kills all microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, bacterial spores, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses, and these bacteria do not develop resistance. Chlorine dioxide has strong adsorption and penetration ability to the microbial cell wall, can effectively oxidize the thiol-containing enzyme in the cell, and can quickly inhibit the synthesis of microbial protein to destroy the microorganism.


Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2.This yellowish-green gas crystallizes as bright orange crystals at −59 °C. As one of several oxides of chlorine,it is a potent and useful oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching.


Developed especially for safe and hassle-free preparation of chlorine dioxide, our product is activated and stable in liquid state. Also have tablets or powder that are ready for resolve in water in 2 minutes.These offer the versatility to produce variable liquid concentrates – or creating a vapor to “gas-off” enclosed areas – by simply adjusting the amount of water in the recommended formula.Chlorine dioxide is well-known as an effective agent for oxidizing microorganisms and reducing odor,including hydrogen sulfide (H2S).Commonly used as an alternative to chlorine,ClO2 mitigates odors at the source rather than merely masking them.


 Our product can be used in a number of Applications:


Homes,Automobiles,Greenhouses,Hotels,Gyms,Municipal treatment plants,Industrial wastewater,Water reuse and recycling,Horticultural irrigation,Corrugators and paper manufacturers,Bathroom odor control,Septic tank odor control,Odor removal,Oxidizing agent,pH and viscosity stabilization,BOD and COD reduction.







Application Occasion



Processing time

Disinfect tap water, drinking water and production water

0.5-1 mg/L

Downstream injection,Blending


Disinfect and sterilize the public space and production place

1000 mg/L



Work clothes, work cap, towel, production equipment supplies disinfection

100 mg/L

Dip in


Operators’ hand sterilization


100 mg/L

Dip in


Disinfect machinery, equipment, tools, pipes and packages

150 mg/L

Dip in




Showering and cleaning disinfection of fruits, vegetables and meat products

50 mg/L

Dip in or Spray


Aquatic products, meat products, canned products, pickles, mushroom etc.

200 mg/L

Dip in or Spray






SDS specializes in the R&D and production of high reliability stability chlorine dioxide solution,monobasic chlorine dioxide disinfection powder,binary chlorine dioxide disinfection powder,high-purity chlorine dioxide solution and other complete chlorine dioxide disinfection products.Among them,the production and preservation technology of high-purity chlorine dioxide solution is in the leading position in the industry. At present,SDS has a number of patents for chlorine dioxide technology and applications.SDS's chlorine dioxide series products can produce up to 5,000 tons per year.Products are widely used in food processing,drinking water processing,dairy processing,beer and beverage plants,pickled sauce plants,water plants,sewage treatment plants,poultry farming, aquaculture, vegetable cultivation, soil remediation,garbage disposal and waste gas treatment,and other fields.







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A: Yes,we are a factory founded on 2005

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A: You can pay by T/T,Western Union,Moneygram.


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A: Surely,it dependS on your qty.


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