Washi Masking Protection Film, Heat Resistant Crepe Paper Spray Painting Covering Tape

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Product Overview


Spray Painting Covering Film
* Premium high tack ¾-Inch masking tape attached to a high density, 0.5 mils thickness covering film. * Light weight & tear resistant with integrated static cling to ensure complete surface protection. * Ideal for general purpose automotive applications, equipment coverage, and paint protection.
Tape Data
Total Thickness
Adhesive To Steel
Tensile Strenth
Rolling Ball Tack
>12 (Ball no.)
Tempretrue Resistance
UV Resistance
14 days
Film Data
Film Material
HDPE film
Film Thickness
Film Corlor
Tempretrue Resistance
Film width
A roll of 5 'x 2.4' covering up to 325 sq. ft !
👍 Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector for super sharp paint lines. 
👍 Unfolds to protect against paint spatters and drips 
👍 Perfect length for protecting baseboards and shelving 
👍 Quick and easy clean up, Straight lines and reduced touch-ups 
👍 Available in a variety of sizes, Masking Film Roll is equal function to 3M
         PRODUCT SHOW        
washi tape covering film | masking tape covering film
Washi Paper tape PE + covering film
With high temperature resistance and other high quality characteristics, it is suitable for covering bumpers and other parts in automotive spray paint.
Masking tape + PE covering film
The price is more favorable, suitable for covering sofas, tables, rugs and chairs during home decoration.
Custom product size
Different tapes and PE plastic films can be assembled to achieve the most suitable and economical effect for users. Contact us to learn more!
PRODUCT Instructions
✔️ How to use
1️⃣ Clean the surface for best adhesion before applying the tape.
2️⃣ Expand the tape section little by little.
3️⃣ Then, don't release the film, use scissors to cut out the required part. 
4️⃣ Expand to cover the part you want to cover.
1️⃣ Test the tape on an inconspicuous surface before use. 2️⃣ If the attachment is damaged, wet or corroded, the area may float, so please use film after removing the area. 3️⃣ Unfold to the desired length and cut with scissors before unfolding the plastic. 4️⃣ Make sure the plastic is fully expanded for maximum coverage.
 - Lightweight ideal protective sheething for car automotive paint, household appliance and Drop cloth protection from dust and chemical pigment during house decoration or painting, Sprayer, Liquid, Scraper, Remover.
PRODUCT Features       
No residue & no penetration
High-density PE plastic film can play a good role in spray painting protection.
High toughness
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Thin and transparent
A small volume of covering film can cover a large area, which is portable and economical.
Shanghai Vaneter Special Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd was established in 2002, manufacturing and distributing various types of tape. We have an excellent sales team to provide you with great customer service, and advanced production equipments, including rewinding machine, cutting machine, die cutting machine, slitting machine, etc. The annual output is approximately 60 million square meters. We have our own brand Vaneter, providing different types of tapes, such as antistatic tape, non-slip tape, double-sided tape, packaging tape, masking tape, cartridge tape, solar adhesive tape, protective film and others. Our products are widely used in electronic industry, communication industry, construction industry, automotive industry, solar energy industry, water purification industry, aerospace industry, and medical industry. In addition, we also distribute other well-known brand such as 3M So far, we have regular customers at domestic market as well as the overseas. We have passed S09001-2015 and ISO14001-2015, and we will continue to improve our-selve to meet our customer needs.

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