Refined high quality sunflower oil

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Product name : Sunflower Oil
CAS: 8001-21-6
Form: Oil-soluble flavor
Brand: Baolin
Purity: 99%
Raw materials: sunflower seeds
Production process: Press
Main ingredients: 66% linoleic acid, also contains vitamin E, phytosterols, phospholipids, and carotene
Character: Light yellow or blue-yellow liquid, clear fragrance of sunflower seeds
Content: More than 90% and unsaturated fatty acids
Refractive index: (20 ℃) 1.4746-1.4766
Density Index: (20 ° C) 0.9164-0.9214
Iodine value: 110-130gI / 100g
Saponification value: 188-194mgKOH / g
Unsaponifiable matter: ≤1.5%
Product packaging: 25 kg / barrel, 180 kg / barrel

3L 100% Pure Edible Sunflower Oil Refined Sunflower Oil

ApplicationCooking Frying Baking
Volume (L)3L
Raw Materialsunflower seed
functionFor better & healthier cooking
Product DescriptionNon GMO products, Natural Clay bleached Oil 
Colorlight to Golden Yellow

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