ZHAOYANG Paint-free multilayer real timber board for Furniture

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Compared with ordinary market plywood, multi-layer plywood has small deformation, high
strength, good internal quality (small holes after cutting and no delamination), good flatness,
and can produce 5--40mm different thickness. Staggered multilayer plywood is used as the
base material, and the surface is made of high-quality solid wood veneer or technical wood
as the fabric. Multilayer solid wood panels have the characteristics of not being easily
deformed and good performance of adjusting indoor temperature and humidity, and the
surface solid wood veneer material has natural and real wood texture and feel, so it is more
selective. Therefore, it is favored by consumers. Multilayer solid wood panels have good
structural stability and are not easily deformed. Due to vertical and horizontal gluing, high
temperature and high pressure, the deformation defects of the solid wood board are solved
from the internal stress. The self-made high-quality environmental protection glue is used in
the production process, so that the formaldehyde release limit of the product meets the
national standard requirements, and it is green.

How to choose the good quality multilayer real wood panel?
Manufacturers of multi-layer solid wood flooring are mixed. In the face of heart-breaking
prices and colorful colors, consumers are mostly out of ideas. To purchase a satisfactory
floor, they must start from the following five aspects:
(1) Look at the surface layer: The multi-layer solid wood floor is composed of a solid wood
surface layer and a solid wood base layer. The quality of the surface layer determines the
beauty and service life of the floor. The surface layer is sliced from selected high-quality wood
after drying, degreasing, and health preservation. The surface should be free of defects such
as decay, dead knots, wormholes, cracks, and skins, but for small knots, the color difference
should not be too much. Demanding because this is a natural property of wood.
(II) Look at the base layer: 1. Weight: The heavy plate has good base material and compact
density. The multi-layer solid wood flooring base on the market is mostly poplar, pine, birch,
and the best is the base made of imported borneol wood, which has excellent water
resistance and stability. 2. Thickness: The thicker the base layer is, the stronger the floor is
and the stronger it is after paving. For a good base layer, the cost per square meter increases
by more than ten yuan for each additional millimeter of thickness.
(3) Look at the paint: The quality of the paint on the floor surface directly affects the service
life of the floor. Among PU, UV and other floor paints, abrasion-resistant paint is most
suitable for the characteristics of multi-layer solid wood, and it is more convenient to care.
(4) Look at the moisture content: The moisture content of multi-layer solid wood flooring in
Wenzhou is generally 5% -14%.
(5) Look at the gluing performance: The quality of the gluing directly affects the effect and life.
The multilayer solid wood flooring is produced by hot-pressing the surface of the adhesive
coating. The quality of the glue can be reflected by the two performance indicators of dipping
and peeling and the strength of the glue. To check whether it is environmentally friendly, in
addition to smelling a pungent odor at the scene, you should ask the business to provide a
product inspection report. The most important thing is to choose a branded floor so that you
can find the person responsible when problems occur.


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