Gold plated 38special caliber gun bore sight cartridge laser red dot for shooting simulation

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9mm Luger       38 Special
40 S&W              44 Magnum
45 ACP               45 Long Colt
380ACP              10mm
204 Ruger         270 WSM       300 Win.Mag        30-06 Spr
30-30Win          308Win           358Win                  45-70 Gov
22-06 Rem        260 Rem         270 Win                7mm-08 Rem
7.62*39mm      7.62*51mm    7.62*54R              7.5*55
17HMR              22  
12 Gauge
20 Gauge

Laser Bore Sight
ELITE laser bore sight for handgun provides the most convenient and accurate technology for sighting in the firearm. Like aregular bullet, a red laser dot will show exactly where the rifle or pistol is aiming. We adopt the world-famous laser diode and mount with high quality 100% brass housing and gold plated to ensure the whole product durable and reliable. Especially, the gold-plated surface makes the product more exquisite!

Laser Bore Sight
Gun calibration Simulation of ballistic

Laser Bore Sight
Housing: gold-plated deactivated brass.Off axis angle is 0.3mrad.

Laser Bore Sight
Less power consumption: 4.5VDC low operating voltage.

Laser Bore Sight
Long life: > 10,000 Hrs.

Laser Bore Sight
Luger Training Real Laser Bullet is designed for training and shooting simulation.

Laser Bore Sight
With certificates of ISO 9001:2000, IEC, GB and strong OEM & ODM ability, we guarantee our products' high quality and stability.

1. What's the way of shipping
Shipping via DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and EMS.

2. What's the payment method?
Assurance payment on Alibaba

3. What's your MOQ?
1 Piece

4. What's the delivery time?
3 – 7 days for International Shipping

5. Can I customize the products based on my requirements?
Yes. We can design and produce lasers based on your special requirements.

6. Do you have any certifications for lasers?
Yes. All our lasers are certified with CE, RoHS

7. How long is the warranty period?
12 months.

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