Programmable controller LED robot costume, robot led costume Ironman, led robot suit with Helmet gloves & Shoes

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Product Overview


Future Programmable controller LED robot costume, robot led costume Ironman, led robot suit with Helmet gloves & Shoes

Product Description

S,M,L,XL or Customized
Full Color or Customized
Control Methods 1
433 Wireless Control
Control Methods 2
SD Card Control
Control Methods 3
RF Remote Control

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Optional Accessories

1.15000mAh Mobile power bank
2. 6000mAh Mobile power bank
3. 433 Wireless Sender & Receiver
4. Sychronous SD card controller
5. R/F remote controller
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Our Advantages

Software Supply
The software is Hunan Future Creative Technology Co., Ltd exclusively develop for luminous costumes, it is very simple and easy to understand & operate and the important is the synchronous speed is very accurate,it can edit hundreds sets of different types of luminous costumes at once, also can insert music and costumes at the same time in the simulation mode very clear editing program on costumes effects what you want.

It supports 3 types of controllers:
(a) Ordinary SD card controller
(b)433 wireless synchronous controller
(c) 2.4G wireless synchronous controller
Also the software supports online real-time control, or copy editing program offline control.

Company Profile

Hunan Future Creative Technology Co.Ltd. is a LED luminous costumes, Fiber optic costumes & LED luminous props pacesetter manufacturer, has been awarded national patent. Our program engineer & costume designer in this field more than 10 years, have incomparable & very rich experiences. And we have experienced sales managers, provide you excellent before-sale and after-sale  services. It can be said without exaggeration that, so far, we are the best LED luminous clothing factory in China. Our products quality & design is No.1 in China. 

Warmly welcome customization through drawings, pictures and samples!

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Q: Do your LED luminous costumes are same as other factories?
A: Of course not.
1) The LED strip we use, is not the common ones. It is our special customized patented product, each full color LED lamp is hand-welded. The strip is very soft, free bending, and long life, low failure rate.
2) Our Fiber optic costumes use surface light emitting optical fiber, full color LED lamp as light source. It is not only can change color, also can be programmed. (This technique has been patented).
Q: What's your LED luminous costumes & fiber Optic luminous costumes' control way?
A: Our luminous clothes have 3 control ways.
1) SD card controller (Built-in program).
2) 2.4G Wireless DMX512 transmitter / receiver.
3) RF remote controller.
You can choose one way according to your needs, or you can choose all of them. And our control techniques also have been patented.
Q: What's your LED light costume dedicated 2.4G Wireless DMX512 R/T advantages?
A: The 2.4G wireless DMX512 R/T also special designed for our luminous costumes. It is small, lightweight, but signal stability, in addition to RGB controls, also multi-channel controls. And it has 2ways, one is a direct connection the DMX512 console port.
The other is connected to the PC port via computer software control.And we have the easiest LED costumes (Tron dance) DMX512 programming software in the world.
Q: What kinds of batteries do you use, and how long do they last?
A: Our battery also special designed for our costumes, small, lightweight but high capacity (5000-10000MA/H), the output voltage is DC5V, rated power is 8A. The time is depends on the garment, the number of lights, light effects and the length of time that the outfit needs to be worn between battery changes or recharging.
Q: If I order, how about the delivery time?
A: Delivery time will depend on a range of factors, such as the complexity of the design, the number of garments involved, and the workload that we are already committed to at the time, etc.
Once a project is started, our own design models, delivery time is 7-10 working days. But new special design, usually need 10-15 working days. May several days more than we agreed on the invoice is normal for the uncertain matters during the production. And usually, we will cost 2-3 days aging test to ensure the quality.
Q: If the LED costumes or LED light optical fiber clothes dirty, can wash them in water?
A: No, of course not. They can't be washed by water. You can use 70% alcohol spray & use soft cloth clean them.
Q: How to store the luminous clothes?
A: Best to hang in a ventilated, dry place, avoid the sun, away from the fire source and heat, cannot be stored together with the alkali material.

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