Original new high quality KD2004-DC91B Thermal Print Head For Bizerba GLP-GVE 104mm Glm-I Maxx 100 Printhead KD2004-DC91C

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Original new high quality KD2004-DC91B Thermal Print Head For Bizerba GLP-GVE 104mm Glm-I Maxx 100 Printhead KD2004-DC91C

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TypePrint Head
DescriptionOriginal new
PackageNeutral package(Please see the pictures as following)
MOQ5 pcs (Tiral order are also accept)
Delivery dateWithin 3-5 working days


Before we send out,we will test all the print heads one by one and send with the test paper if you needed.





If testing on your machine is good, then will be surely no quality problem. Within 3 months, any problem caused by non-human damage reason we can accept return it from the date of receipt goods.

Printhead install

Printhead Install notice:


1. The nozzle of the head is very fragile and must not be bumped. It must be protected. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, and the inner layer is coated with a crystal oscillator and a very fine ink tube. When it touches, it will be concave, deformed, or even broken, so the nozzle will be scrapped;


2. Be careful when installing the nozzle. Always power off and put it in place. After loading, gently push the car to move left and right, check whether it is smooth, do not install it and power it on, because if the head is not in place, the car will easily break the head when it moves, and the hand feels freely. , strong controllability;


3. When connecting the plug cable, do not bring the ink, and make sure that it is in good contact with the socket and does not touch the foot. Otherwise, the nozzle will be short-circuited and burnt;


4. The steel shaft should also be clean and smooth. It can be wiped with a paper towel and glued. Do not directly add oil to the shaft. Excess oil will flow to the nozzle and cause damage.


5. After the machinery and circuit are correct, it is necessary to check the waterway. First, look at the insufficient amount of water in the ink cartridge. Secondly, check whether the small cleaning blade and the ink suction pump are dirty.


6. There will be air inside the nozzle that has just been installed, so it will not print normally immediately. Only when the air in the head is completely discharged can the line be normal;


First of all, intermittent cleaning (only 2 times at a time, then 30 minutes after stopping for 2 minutes) will be over-washed many times, which will cause the cleaning pump to accumulate ink, which will not only make the printer mix colors, leak ink, but also waste ink. ;


Secondly, you can print more pictures to let the nozzle discharge air during work;

Again, if the machine has led to the waste ink tube, you can first power off, and then use a syringe to cover the rubber tube to pump the ink tube until 3-5ml of ink is drawn.

Then turn it on again, use the machine to clean it once, which is equivalent to artificially pumping out the air in the head. The side effect is easy to cause the cleaning pump to pile up.



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