40 м новый стиль непрерывного измерения лазерный дальномер для использования на открытом воздухе

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Product Overview


Products Description

Products Description






Product Specification

 Products Specification

The Main Technical Index:



±1 mm (0.04 inch)

Measuring Unit


Measuring Range (without Reflection)


Measuring Time

0.3~3 seconds

Laser Class

Class II

Laser Type

635nm, <1mW




About 10g



Operating Temperature


  Storage Temperature

  -25~60℃(-13~140 ℉)

  Operating Temperature:

  0-40 ℃ (32-104 ℉ )


1. Under bad measure condition, like environment with strong light or the diffuse reflectance of measuring point over-high or low, the accuracy would have a bigger amount of error:  ±3 mm+40PPM.

2. Under strong light or bad diffuse reflectance of the target, please use a reflection board

3. Operating temperature -10 ℃~50 ℃, can be customized.

4. Serial port RS232, 485 can be added according to customers’ needs.

Products Integrated

 Products Integrated

Bottom Side Pin Assignment

701A&702A _PDF1_1

Top Side Pin Assignment



1. GND, Power ground;
2. VBAT, Power input, 2.0V ~ 3.3V, 300mA+;

3. 3V5, Module Output 3.5V;
4. TXD, module Tx line, connect to controller Rx;
5. RXD, module Rx line, connect to controller Tx;
6. nCTRL, Continuous measure enable line, default HIGH: one-time measure
mode, LOW: continuous measure mode;
7. nON, LOW pulse width more than 10ms will bring module online, after the
successful initiation process, the module will echo string ", OK!" to tell the
controller "Ready to Go!", this line is not present on the bottom side
expand connector with PCB version 701A/702A.

1. ‘O’(0x4F): Turn ON laser beam, and return “, OK!”;
2. 'C'(0x43): Turn OFF laser beam, and return “, OK!”;
3. 'S'(0x53): Module status read, the module returns Temperature & Battery
Voltage, e.g.: “18.0’C, 2.7V”;
4. 'D'(0x44): Auto mode Distance read, the module returns Measure Result &
Signal Quality(SQ), e.g.: “12.345m, 0079”, smaller SQ value stands for
more reliable distance result;
5. 'M'(0x4D): Slow mode distance read for higher accuracy, returns same
as 'D' command;
6. 'F'(0x46): Fast mode distance read for lower accuracy, but higher speed,
returns same as 'D' command;
7. 'V'(0x56): Show module version info., e.g.:"1702250029,29456" means
module Serial No.=1702250029 and Version Code=29456.
8. 'X'(0x58): turn OFF the module.

Control line
One control line(nCTRL)has been added to distinguish continuous measure
mode from one-time measure mode for 'D'/'M'/'F' commands.
command and control line-level combinations:

CommandControl Line LevelMeasure SpeedMeasure Accuracy
DAuto1-time measureContinuous measureAutoAuto
MSlow1-time measureContinuous measureSlowHigher
FFast1-time measureContinuous measureFastLower
Products Testing

 Products Testing 

1. Plug & Install CH341 USB2TTL converter driver on your computer;
2. Start the software and follow the steps:

1.Software Startup


2. Turn On or Off the Module

nON has been tied to serial RTS pin, assert the RTS checkbox to power on the module, then
de-assert the RTS checkbox. After this, echo string ", OK!" indicates module power on success.
Send command 'X' to turn off the module.


3.Other commands

 4.Active Continuous Measure Mode
For test purposes, we've already tied the nCTRL(Module Control Line) to
serial port DTR, So when DTR asserted, the module control line goes LOW, this
make module enter continuous measure mode, exit from the continuous
measure mode please de-assert the DTR.


Products Package
Products Package


Company Introduce

Company Introduce

       Established in 2008, Chongqing Diaoran Photoelectric S & T Co., Ltd.is a company specializing in professional optical design and production of various lasers and laser range finder (instrument) development.

       Our company and domestic large and medium-sized military enterprise, military research institutes, military colleges, local colleges and universities, Europe and the United States have good cooperation relationship. 
       Our Company adheres to the "integrity, efficiency excellence and innovation" to win the trust of customers. Currently, we are continuing to provide customers with high-quality products and services to “integrate channel resources and to promote the development of the industry “as the guiding ideology”, with customers and industry colleagues to have long-lasting good cooperation at business.


Cooperation Enterprise

 Cooperation Enterprise

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