Jindex Save Time Automatic Spreader Machine Garment Laying Machinery For Clothing

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Product Overview


Jindex Save Time Automatic Spreader Machine Garment Laying Machinery For Clothing

Technical information/model
Net Weight
Spreading Width
Spreading Height
Spreading Precision
Longitudinal ≤ 8mm transverse ≤ 5mm
Maximun Speed
Maximum Cloth Weight
■ full servo control system, more accurate laying;

■ adopt cradle and drum synchronous feeding system; equipped with cloth spreading function to ensure the evenness of the delivered fabric;

■ appearance upgrading: novel family style and technology sense appearance design;

■ brand upgrade: upgrade key parts, improve equipment quality and reduce equipment maintenance;

■ automatic edge alignment device, automatic stop without cloth;

■ equipped with pre delivery mechanism to eliminate fabric tension and realize tension free cloth laying;

■ automatic knife grinding system, adjustable cutting width;

■ tooth shaped cloth spreading leather strip: spreading cloth while spreading to ensure uniform spreading of fabric;
Where calculations meet material

Cloth drawing is a necessary process in garment production planning,

From the beginning of the cutting plan to calculate the pulling efficiency of each bed,

The cost of this process is 60% to 70% of the total garment production cost.

In the aspect of material utilization, the CAD system uses the popular automatic over arrangement algorithm to solve the problems of high efficiency and material saving in the chip placement product arrangement involved in the production process.

However, the superdischarge efficiency alone cannot ensure the overall material utilization,

Because there are different types of fabric waste beyond the range of over row, such as fabric defects and color differences, fabric loss in the process of remaining fabric head, alignment and splicing loss of both ends and sides, etc.

These waste factors are often ignored because they can only be tracked and managed during the drawing process.

P4add is an ideal cloth drawing system designed for coiling materials. Its maximum bearing weight is 120kg. It can track and manage the utilization rate of materials, and keep the system performance and product quality at the highest level
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