Quick&Easy in 3 minutes - Organic Baby Food_Porridge(4~12 months)

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The product is using Organics rice with all natural ingredients from South Korea to make the warmest baby food for the little ones. We know and understand different ages of babies need different.Therefore, we have created all baby food and compassed in powder which is easy to storage and carry out.

Just put the powder and water in bowl, pour it and wait for 3mins to serve.


 Brand Philosophy - Mom’s Wishes, Affordable Price, Safe Food

Even though it is tiring to juggle parenting and work, every mother wishes the same thing.

Affordable and made with safe ingredients, “Our Kids Table” delivers every mother’s wishes for their child. 



1 box = 8 or 9 sticks(vacuum pack)

Shelf Life

1 Year from the date of manufacture



# You can buy to select one or more among 7 types of flavors.


   [STAGE 1] Pure white Rice Gruel (10g*8sticks) (4 Months+)


   [STAGE 2] Sweet potato & Chestnut Rice Porridge (10g*8sticks) (6 Month+)


   [STAGE 3] Broccoli & Cheese Rice Porridge (10g*9sticks) (9 Month+)

   [STAGE 3] Tuna Rice Porridge (10g*9sticks) (9 Month+)

   [STAGE 3] Plain Codfish Rice Porridge (10g*9sticks) (9 Month+)


   [STAGE 4] Plain Chicken Soup Rice Porridge (10g*9sticks) (12 Month+)

   [STAGE 4] Korea beef bone soup & Seaweed Rice Porridge (10g*9sticks) (12 Month+)






Anytime, Anywhere, Quick & Easy

Quick & easy meal solutions for your child when making breakfast in a hurry or traveling long distances.


In hot water for 3 minutes ok!! / simple nutrition meal


Directions: Each small bag mix with 80-degree water and stir it.

(When mix with 60ml of water, the finished product is 80ml)


  - First, Put a sachet in a cup or a bowl with depth

  - Second, Pour hot water over 80 degree C

  - Third, Stir well to loosen

  - Finally, After three minutes, the contents will be well solved. and feed.




# Main Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, Sweet Potato, Codfish, seaweed, radish, Tuna, Chicken, Korean Beef


Each Product:


  [STAGE 1] Pure white Rice Gruel

    - Pure organic popped rice and Lutein lactobacillus, Sodium 0%.


  [STAGE 2] Sweet potato & Chestnut Rice Porridge

    - Sweet potatoes, organic popped rice, chestnut powder, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms.


  [STAGE 3] Brocoli & Cheese Rice Porridge

    - Savory cheese powder, organic popped rice, broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin powder, milk


  [STAGE 3] Tuna Rice Porridge

    - Tuna, organic popped rice, potatoes, spinach and cabbage.


  [STAGE 3] Plain Codfish Rice Porridge

    - soft Codfish, broccoli, organic popped rice, carrots, pollack powder, seaweed, base of radish soup


  [STAGE 4] Plain Chicken Soup Rice Porridge

    - Chicken powder, organic popped rice, carrots, potatoes, spinach, cabbage.


  [STAGE 4] Korea beef bone soup & Seaweed Rice Porridge

    - Korea beef bone Extract, Soybean, organic popped rice, dried seaweed, potato, broccoli, seaweed, base of radish soup




the product is based on Korean Organic Rice and Natural taste from all natural ingredients.

it's also individually packaged, safe, clean and more efficient. No Preservative


You can adjust the grain size to help your child practice chewing as they develop teeth.

For baby foods, chewing is as important as healthy eating habits.

Our quick & easy 3-minute meals allow the child to chew gently because the ingredients dissolve depending on the wait time after water is added.



It is a product made by pouring hot water, so please check and feed it according to the temperature that children can consume.

Infants with allergies to certain ingredients should identify and feed the ingredients.

Infants and toddlers may not be good at eating well on their own, so please watch by your side.



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