Sample Wipes Combination set wet tissue leather shoes mobile phone glasses combination wet tissue set

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Product Overview


Dear Sir/Madam
Capacity and equipment of Shandong Baihe Automatic packaging machinefor single wet wipes (four production lines)
It’s mainly used for the production of one side sealing single wet wipes, size adjustable. Capacity: 200 pieces per minute,
500,000 pieces per day. Four sides sealing production line for functional wet wipes(three production lines) It can be used to
produce alcohol cotton wipes, antiseptic wipes, wet wipes for glasses, wet wipes for mobiles, wet wipes for camera lens, wet wipes
for makeup removal, wet wipes for leather products(such as, leather shoes) , wet wipes for glass defogging, etc. Capacity: 300,000
pieces per day. 5pieces to 30pieces’wet wipes with sealing cover packaging machine(five production lines) Function: It is used to
produce wet wipes for cleaning, nursing, baby, sanitary, Mini bags and other portable wet wipes. Capacity: 200,000 bags per day
Big bag automatic packaging machine for 40pieces-150 pieces(seven production lines) Function: Automatic rear manipulator paste
sealing cover and seal cartons automaticly. It is mainly used for producing 40pieces-150 pieces large bags of wet wipes for
babies, adults, caring, cleaning, antiseption, sanitary, etc. Capacity: 100,000 bags per day.
Best regard!
Product Name
Wipes combination
Main Ingredient
Non-woven cloth
Guarantee period
Two years
Product Specifications
Leather shoes wipes 15pcs/ Glasses wipes 40pcs/ Mobile phone 40pcs
Company Introduction
Shandong Lily Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of functional wet
tissue, which has been researched,
developed and produced for 17 years. In the field of wet tissue production, we involve baby wipes, functional wipes, home life
wipes, pet wipes and so on. We solve the embarrassment caused by pollution in people's life in the wet tissue industry, and we
have patented liquid distribution and production technology equipment. 2019 make effective cleaning series of wet tissue in
systems such as fog on the vehicle, greasy dirt on the range hood, stains on the electronic screen and precision instruments,
bites by mosquitoes, traveling out of hotel supplies, etc. We adhere to the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and
nature, we have also specially researched, developed, designed and produced deodorization and odor-removing wipes, tear-removing
wipes and other products for pets. In the Asian pet exhibition, we have made the most comprehensive outstanding contribution and
customer recognition of pet wipes. We have customized services, and the overall design and production of ODM and OEM wet tissue
are global OEM, which can meet your needs from design, research and development to production. Our OEM brands include: Japanese
famous brand, Korean rabbit, PetroChina and so on. We have a professional team with constant innovation to make our own
contribution to the fast moving consumer goods wet tissue.

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