Huoli Scooter Cheap Blue Street Scooter Deck Pro Stunt Scooter Decks 5 Inch Wide 22 inch Long OEM ODM Custom

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Black Street Scooter Deck 5.0 Inches Wide 22.0 Inch Long China Factory Custom

TIG Welding Scooter Deck.jpgCustom Street Scooter Deck.jpgOilslick  Scooter Deck.jpgPro Street Scooter Deck.jpgSquare Scooter Deck.jpgCustom Street Scooter Deck.jpgPro Street Scooter Deck.jpglightest street deck.jpgstunt street scooter deck.jpgEN14619 Test Report  P8.pngEN14619 Test Report  P1.pngISO Certificate (English).jpgISO Certificate ( Chinese).jpg


















How to choose scooter deck size ?


Scooter deck size is very important to a pro scooter rider . Scooter deck size , how to choose ? Every pro scooter rider want to get a good guidance. Here we would like to introduce street scooter decks and park scooter decks .


Park style riders usually ride a shorter deck, as they tend to whip around better. The average length is between 19.50”—20.50”. Width is all preference ,but usually is never smaller than 4.25” and no larger than 4.75”. We are not saying you can not do flipty do’s with a 5 X 22” deck , it’s just uncommon . We are just providing a starting ground for you to research and find the best deck for you .


Street style riders tend to ride a longer deck to provide more balance and stability when landing down big stair sets or on rough terrain. The average length is from 20.5”-22” with widths up to 5”. 


If you are looking for something comfortable to cruise all terrains, pick something in the middle. This will give you a nice balance of stability and trickability. Usually something from 20”-21” long is great for all around riding.

Keep in mind that deck length and bar height need to be proportional to keep a balanced ride. Putting 22” tall bars on a 22” long deck will not put enough weight in the front for it to ride properly. A good ballpark ratio to figure out deck to bar size is 1:1.25, respectively. So for every inch of deck, you will have 1.25” of bars. It’s not perfect, but it will get you pretty close.


How to choose correct scooter deck size ? Contact us now .We can provide you professional suggestion.
























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