Transmitter HART Protocol Smart Differential Pressure Pressure Gauge 4-20ma Digital Differential Pressure Transmitters Price

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Product Overview


Product Description

Transmitter HART Protocol Smart Differential Pressure Pressure Gauge 4-20ma Digital Differential Pressure Transmitters Price

NCS Series of Intelligent Transmitter have been designed with high precision and high reliability, high stability. The pressure, temperature, currents and other physical quantities are displayed on LCD module. Zero drift, range settings and many other functions, are realized by the magnetism bar operation. The interoperability between different systems and equipments are realized by the Equipment Description Document, which is coMpatible to a variety of device management software, and adapting to harsh electromagnetic environment. NCS Series of Intelligent Transmitter have been used in inflammable and explosive places according to Intrinsically Safety Design.

According to the type of measurable pressure:
Pressure type
Gauge Pressure Transmitter
Absolute Pressure Transmitter
Differential Pressure Transmitter
Differential Pressure Transmitter For High Static Pressure

Excellent Performance
-- High precision: ±0.075% full range (20℃, within the range of 10:1)
-- Long-term stability: ±0.1% of the maximum range within 12 months
-- Pressure type selection (micro differential pressure, surface pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, high static differential pressure)
-- Parameters can be set by magnetic bar, hand operator and upper computer software
-- High range ratio (100:1)
-- Self-detection function (sensor, memory, communication)
-- Automatic compensation function (ambient temperature compensation, sensor input linearization)
-- Software and hardware fault alarm function
-- Configuration protection: EEPROM write protection function

Working Principle

Introduction for Working Principle
The widely used 3151 capacitive pressure sensors, which were developed by Rosemount initially in USA, have been produced on a large scale in China. The core of its sensor is differential capacitive membrane, as picture shows. There are two measurement capacitances CH and CL distributed in differential capacitive membrane. The two measurement capacitances are almost equal to two plate capacitances because of their mechanical structure. The two measurement capacitances share one polar plate, which is a measure membrane in the center. And the other polar plate is fixed on the two sides. When the pressures of two sides are equal, the measure membrane is in the center, the capacitances of two sides are equal too. But when the pressure of high pressure side is higher than that of low pressure side, the guide pressure liquid filled in the membrane guides the differential pressure, so that the measure membrane moves to low pressure side. As a result, the capacitance of high pressure side is lower than that of the low pressure side.


Measure Object
Liquid, Gas, Stream
11.9~42 V DC (HART)
11.9~30 V DC (Hart Explosion-Proof Instrument)
Analog: 2 Wire 4~20ma
Digital: HART, FF AND PA Signal
Load Resistant
0~1500ohm (Common)
250~550ohm (With Hart)
Input And Output Insulating Voltage: 500vrms (707vdc)
Optional 6 Bits Digital Number Or 5 Bits Characters LCD Display
Temperature Scale
Work Temperature: -40 ~ 85℃ (No Display)
-30 ~ 70℃ (Display)
-30 ~ 60℃ (Explosion-Proof)
Store Temperature: -40 ~ 100℃ (No Display)
-40 ~ 85℃ (Display)
Allowed Media Temperature Measured
-40 ℃~ 110 ℃ (Type Name Include ‘IC‘)
-40 ℃~ 149 ℃ (Silicone Oil)
-40 ℃~ 204 ℃ (Sylthlem800)
-18 ℃~ 204 ℃ (Inert Liquid)
-40 ℃~ 104 ℃ (Others)
Humidity Scale
Start Time
≤ 5 Seconds
Refresh Time
0.2 Seconds
Dump Adjusting
Time Constant 0~15 Seconds
Change Of Cavity
< 0.16 Cm3


The power and signal of Smart Transmitter are sharing one pair of cables (Bus Cable). The ordinary cables can be selected by HART smart transmitter, but FF, PA Smart Transmitter is suggested to use specific Fieldbus cable the IEC61158-2 recommended. The terminal is at the rear cover, the terminal wiring board could be seen after screwing the rear cover (indicated “FIELD TERMINAL”).

Packing & Delivery

Microcyber Corporation export packaging carton standard: GB/T 5033-1985 "corrugated carton for export products packaging", corrugated carton processing USES corrugated board stipulated in GB5034-85 "corrugated board for export products packaging".
In order to protect the products, Microcyber use paper boxes to package the products.
In order to prevent damage to the goods during transportation, Microcyber will use foam in the cartons to better protect the products.
If the products are too heavy, Microcyber will reinforce them with pallets.

Company Profile

Our Team
The Spirit of Microcyber Workers
Unity and cooperation, pioneering and enterprising, innovative and realistic, serving the society.
Microcyber Employment View
People-oriented, full of talents, fair competition, and common development.
Microcyber Corporate Culture
Carry employees' ideals, create customer value, and win corporate development.

Microcyber is the member of FCG (FieldComm Group) and the Profibus National Organization (PNO).
Microcyber has ISO 9001 certification.
As a Development Services Provider, Microcyber provides extraordinary services and solutions of Foundation Fieldbus technology.
Many of our products have passed FF certification, PA certification, HART certification, and NEPSI explosion-proof certification, etc.

Microcyber's production center is 1700m2, with anti-static ground, ventilating system, air source transporting system, temperature and humility control system and production devices.
The production center consists of 4 workshops and 1 professional lab, they are: production workshop, assembly workshop, ageing workshop, maintenance workshop and product lab.
There are professional production line, pressure transmitter assembly line, instrument assembly line, control system module assembly line and product testing line.
Microcyber has the batch capacity for 10 thousand devices per year.


Q: Which one is the most popular model?
Q: How to install NCS-PT105II Pressure Transmitter (Capacitance Sensor) ?
A: There are three ways to install NCS-PT105II Pressure Transmitter (Capacitance Sensor): installation of pipe mounting flat bracket, installation of pipe mounting angle bracket and installation of plat mounting angle bracket.
Q: Can I get a free electronic manual?
A: Yes, if you want it, please contact us.
Q: Can you provided OEM service?
A: Yes, we can, such as communication board, we can also provided fieldbus development toolkit.

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