OEM private label natural skin care no logo whitening firming lifting collagen crystal breast mask

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OEM private label natural skin care no logo whitening firming lifting collagen crystal breast mask



1.  Increase the elasticity of breast

2.  Strengthen the nutrient uptake of breast part

3. Nourish breast, keep breast moisturizing and elastic



 1. Clean your body first and spread breast mask on your breast

 2. Massage it gently for several minutes to help the essence be absorbed completely.

 3. Take off this breast mask 15-20 minutes later.


Ingredient:Water, hydrolyzed collagen, licorice extract, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, vitamin C, arbutin,  chrysanthemum extract, gold powder, glycerol, propylene glycol


(1) Put two quick acting and safe chest protein tablets into left and right brassieres respectively.
(2) Put on the bra and secure the back.
(3) After full absorption, it can be taken down for about 8 hours and replaced with a new protein tablet.
Usage suggestions: use it before going to bed every morning and evening, each time for 8 hours, for 6 consecutive days, you will find unexpected surprises.
Healthy and beautiful skin has its own posture, and we have a set of criteria to judge whether the skin is good or bad. In short, it can be called 4S standard: smooth, glossy, soft and aesthetic. From this we can conclude that the meaning of real good skin is not unilateral. Now, you can also test whether your skin is healthy and beautiful. The criteria for perfect skin include:


1. Skin tone:
The color of skin has a lot to do with race, gender, occupation and so on, including white, yellow, brown, red, black and so on. This is mainly due to the different amount and distribution of pigment in the skin. Skin color is an important feature of visual aesthetic process. The change of skin color can cause strong reaction of visual aesthetic psychology. Under normal circumstances, yellow people's skin color is yellow and white with red color, which is a healthy skin color.



2. Skin elasticity:
Under normal conditions, there are elastic fibers and collagen fibers in the dermis of the skin, and abundant fat in the subcutaneous tissue, making the skin elastic to a certain extent, smooth, smooth, tough, tender and full of tension. It shows that the skin moisture content and fat content are moderate, the blood circulation is good, the metabolism is exuberant, showing attractive charm. With the increase of age, the skin gradually ages, the cuticle shrinks and thins, the elastic fibers and collagen fibers of the skin degenerate and degenerate, the elasticity decreases, the hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes loose and wrinkles appear.


3. Skin humidity:
There are abundant blood vessels and lymphatics in dermis, which is the second largest "reservoir" after muscle in human body. Keeping the skin moist is the premise of moistening the skin, which plays an important role in maintaining the nutrition of the skin, preventing the skin from drying and wrinkles.


4. Skin aging resistance
Normal skin should not be sensitive, greasy, and dry, which can effectively resist free radicals.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Healthy skin should be glossy, ruddy, soft, delicate, elastic, moderately tensioned, vigorous, neither rough nor greasy, shiny and wrinkle free. Learn more skin beautifying secrets, and let yourself have perfect skin!




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