automatic wet sand blasting machine XBH500-6A wet sand blasting machine auto sandblasting machine

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Stainless steel wet sand blasting machine XBH6050W wet sand blasting machine

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Equipment parameter specifications:

Equipment dimensions: 2000mm long * 1000mm wide * 2100mm high
Equipment indoor size: 1000mm long * 800mm wide * 700mm high
Feeding conveying width: 500mm wide * 300mm high
Equipment dust removal fan: 380V 50HZ 2200W
Equipment lighting: 12W LED fluorescent lamp
Number of spray guns: 6 (aluminum alloy with boron carbide nozzle)
Gun swing motor: 200W
Conveying motor: 200W
Equipment shell: 2.0-5mm cold rolled steel plate welded
Perspective window: 1 frame
Sand bucket: 1
Door: front opening door 500mm high * 700mm wide
Air pressure is greater than: 2-75bar (kg / cm2)
Load capacity: 30 kg
Total power: about 380V / 50HZ / 2.6KW
Total weight: 600KG
Power requirements: AC380V 50HZ



The working chamber is made of stainless steel and will never rust. A rubber plate is hung in the working cabin to prevent jet impact.

No flowing dust is generated during work, which greatly improves the pollution of the dust to the environment and the harm to the health of operators.

 The model is compact, foot-controlled, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

The professionally produced grinding pumps, spray guns, and worktables are lined with abrasion-resistant material—polyurethane. The spray gun nozzles are made of boron carbide, which has a long life and ensures reliable performance.

Applicable to abrasives of various materials and particle sizes, fine sand can be used, and it is suitable for surface treatment of precision workpieces.

Abrasives are circulated within the effective time, and the consumption is small.

Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Antirust agent can be added to the blasting fluid to prevent iron workpieces from rusting

Introduction of Xinbaihui Liquid Sand Blasting Machine:

The wet blasting machine is different from the dry blasting machine in that the requirements for fine processing are different and the wet blasting machine is suitable for the workpiece. The requirements are bright and delicate, so the wet blasting machine is more widely used for hardware accessories, Stone, jade, stainless steel products, mold cleaning and other surface treatment industries.

Xin Baihui company's liquid blasting is to put abrasives in water with a grinding liquid pump and compressed air as the power, and spray the grinding liquid to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at a high speed through a spray gun to achieve the purpose of cleaning and finishing the parts. Suitable for direct cleaning of greasy dirt, liquid sandblasting machine is also more suitable than dry sandblasting machine for materials that need to avoid heating and discoloration on the surface of the workpiece. The most important feature is the use of micronized sand, and liquid blasting has its unique effect. Dry blasting has its limitations.

Xin Baihui liquid sand blasting machine uses:

Xinbaihui liquid blasting machine is the first new type of blasting equipment in China, which is a major change in the blasting processing method. It was affirmed and welcomed by the user department when it came out. Can be widely used in aerospace, electronics industry, weapon industry, automation, optics and other instrumentation industries; machine tools, molds, hydraulic parts, hardware tools, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, power machinery and train locomotives, textile machinery, Medical equipment, chemical machinery, metal materials, artificial crystals, springs, metal technology industries and industries with high precision requirements such as dentistry, jewelry, watches and glasses.

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