One Component Rebond Foam Glue PU Foam Adhesive Polyurethane Adhesive For Rebond Foam Making

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Product Overview


Product: Polyurethane Adhesive Product Property: Modified MDI, is a mixture of polyol-modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate and polyphenylmethane polyisocyanate. It is a light brown liquid at room temperature. It can be mainly used in the production of rebounded foam. For the flexible polyurethane foam pieces ,it has strong adhesive force, this adhesive production is to create a range of densities of the flexible polyurethane foam. With fast curing speed ,non-toxic ,easy operation, economical and passed by SGS.
Product name:
Polyurethane adhesive
Advantage price, High quality
Producing re-bonded foam
Packing with iron drum
Light Yellow or Brown
Liquid glue
Product Paramenters
YUNJIE#909 adhesive is mainly used for the production of re-bond foam.It is a light brown liquid at room temperature.Modified MDI ,the major consituent,is a mixture of polyol-modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate and polyphenylmethane polyisocyanate.
a light brown liquid
Packing with Iron Drum
It widely used in mattresses, sofas, cushions and other furniture produces.
Our Advantages
1.Economical Comparing to the traditional recipe of TDI,Polyether and T9, our adhesive improved the technology which can bring you non-toxc also cost saving, normaly can save at least 15% for 100kg rebonded foam. 
2.Easily Operation Speed adjustable, Obvious effects. 
3.Enviromental Operating under the normal temperature , harmless for human health.
Product packaging

Store in a dry and ventilated place. Keep out of the direct sunlight and away from heat and water sources. Open drums must be capped immediately after drawing-off the material. Recommended maximum storage time is 12 months. Containers of YUNJIE adhesive should be kept properly closed and stored indoors at ambient temperatures (15-25 ℃ )in a well-ventilated area. Storage at low temperatures (below 10℃) may lead to some crystallization; this material must, therefore, be protected from frost. If crystallization does occur, the material should be heated to 70-80℃ to melt it out, strictly prohibit to heat over at local part and should then be thoroughly agitated before use.
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Company Profile
Founded in 2008,our company is an industrial and trading company with the integration of raw materials.Taking"Polyurethane Adhesive"as the core product,our company is committed to the reseach and development,production and sales of the relative products of re-bond foam,whose design covers the whole application fields ranging from polyurethane raw materials.
Our factory
1.Q:What’s the viscosity of the rebonding glue ? 
——1200-1400mpa, special requirements can produce according to cusotmer's requirements. 
2.Q:This rebonding glue is suit for which kind of rebond foam machine?
——Both steam heating and natural temperatue,can applied, can support technical serivce according to customer's different requirements.
 3.Q:How many KG for one drum?
——Around 230kg (N/W) for the glue, Gross weighti around 247kg. 
4.Q:Is your rebonding glue environmentally friendly?
——Yes .SGS certification, harmless for human. 
5.Q:Payment Term?
——T/T, L/C, D/A,D/P,etc.
6.Q:Can you provide sample?
——Yes,we provide the sample free of charge!

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