C&P MAK 12VA 1300mAh NI-CD 192698-8 1233 192598-2 638347-8 638347-8-2 193681-6 1200 1201 1201A 1235 PA12 193981-6 NiCD battery

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C&P MAK 12VA 1200 1201A 1235 PA12 Ni-CD battery

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Fit battery:

193981-6,192681-5,192698-2,1222,1220,193157-5,192698-8,1233,192598-2,638347-8,638347-8-2,193681-6,1200,1201,1201A,1235, PA12

Fit Tools:

1050D 1050DA 1050DRA 1050DWA 1050DWD 4013D 4191D 4191DWA 4191DZ 4331D 4331DWAE 4331DWD 4331DWDE 4331DZ 5093D 5093DWA 5093DWD 5093DZ 6213D 6213DWAE 6213DWBE 6216D 6216DWBE 6216DWDE 6217D 6217DWDE 6217DWDLE 6223D 6223DE 6223DW 6223DWE 6227D 6227DW 6227DWBE 6227DWE 6227DWLE 6270DWAE 6270DWALE 6270DWPE 6271D 6271DWPE 6313D 6313DA 6313DWAE 6313DWBE 6314DWBE 6316D 6316DWA 6316DWAE 6316DWB 316DWBE 6317D 6317DWAE 6317DWDE 6317DWDRE 6317DWFE 6319D 6319DWFE 6327DWE 6835D 6835DA 6835DWA 6835DWAE 6835DWB 6835DWD 6914D 6914DWDE 6916D 6916DWDE6916FDWDE 6916FDWDE1 6917D 6917DWDE 6917FDWDE 6918D 6918DWA 6918DWAE 6918DWD 6918DWDE 6918DWF 6918DWFE 6918FDWDE 6980FD 6980FDWDE 8270DWAE 8270DWALE 8413D 8413DWAE 8413DWDE 8413DWFE 8414DWFE DA312D DA312DWA DA312DWD DA312DWF DA312DZ ML120 ML121(Head Lamp) ML122 ML123(Fluorescent Automotive Light) ML124 UB120D UB120DWA UB120DWB UB121D UC120D UC120DA UC120DR UC120DRA UC120DW UC120DWAE UC120DWD UC170D UC170DWD UCl20DWA VR250D VR250DA VR250DWAE VR251D VR251DWDE


Battery TypeNi-CD
Warranty1 Year

Battery Advantages:

1.BEST PERFORMANCE and PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with the original charger and tool.It's easy to install .

2.TRUST WORTHY RELIABILITY: No memory effect,Low rate of self-discharge (1% per month) .Patented battery balancing technology,Built-in over protection circuits provide safety and reliability from fire and explosion.

3.GREAT SAFETY: Quality battery cells with CE and UL approval.

4.Advanced battery technology provides improved energy density.

5.Strong WARRANTY: 7 days money back,1 year limited seller's guarantee against manufacturer defects from purchase date.

Warm Notes:

1.Please fully charged battery before first use.

2.If you are not going to use the battery for a month or longer, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from fire and water.

3.Please recharge it after long storage . As Ni-Cd/Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage.

4.Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.

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