Animal Feed Additives Coated Slow Release Urea for Ruminant

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Product Description

ANYI NPN-SRU-E Expanded Urea For Feed


The Expanded urea is a kind of non-protein  nitrogen product which used in feed productin.It is used high-quality corn as the carrier and processed by the innovative expanded production. Due to  its special production process, this product releases unfavorable components of urea, and the quality is more safe and more stable than pure urea.The product has a smooth appearance, full grain size and rich fragrance. It can significantly reduce the production cost of ruminans in feed process. It is a new generation feeed non-protein nitrogen product.


Crude protein %≥200
Nitrogen %32
AppearanceLight yellow powder or granular


Product Advantages

  • Slow release in the rumen : It can maintain the optimal level of ammonia nitrogen in the rumen ensuring the balance between rumen health and microbial protein synthesis efficiency.
  • More safe: It effectively avoids the risk of ammonia poisoning caused by pure urea.
  • More suitable for feed processing: It is more suitable for adding to feed in the way of its use, which id convenient for the process into powder or pellets.
  • Lower cost: Compared with the expensive coated urea products ,it can achieve higher production efficiency at lower production costs. Replace traditional feed protein and reduce the production coats of ruminants. 

Application Solution

  • Recommended dosage:The dosage of total mixed ration(TMR) is 1%-2%(in the case where other ingredients do not contain non-protein nitrogen;the concentrate supplement and concentrate adjusted proportionally,
  • Scope od application: The product is suitable for ruminants ,and the young animals less tha 6 months of age are prohibited to use it.
  • Instruction for use: This product is easy to absorb moisture, stored in dark and sealed ,and use as soon as possible after opening the bag.
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