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Product Overview


 CurtainBot is a device of the Internet of Things (a small robot) that allows you to convert old curtains into smart curtains and make your home smarter. It works in an automatic way with motors that are suitable for your curtain rod. It does not require any special tools to install it and does not need a power source, to save energy, effort, and even money. The device activates and pulls your curtains to any side in seconds. Through the application, you can set tables and through machine learning, the system learns your patterns. Using temperature and light sensors, such as setting the Smart Curtain to close at night and open when daylight senses for better sleep and a natural, healthy wake up in the sun.


Features CurtainBot:

The IoT device can also help keep your home temperature stable, which reduces the need for air conditioning or heating and keeps your room cool, reducing energy consumption, thus lowering energy bills and environmental costs as well.
It also allows you to block unwanted sunlight in the middle of midday automatically.

CurtainBot can act as a safety device to prevent home theft, or the ability to operate remotely or set it automatically to open the curtains at regular intervals, which gives the impression that someone is at home.


CurtainBot claims to have tested thousands of different curtain rod and rail designs to ensure they are all compatible with the curtain.


CurtainBot , It is really a simple solution to a variety of everyday problems that many suffer from during sleep or other situations, and at this price, it is worth the purchase.


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