New Generation Handheld Electric Sonic Dental Calculus Remover Tooth Scraper Tartar Remover

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Product Overview


Electric Dental Calculus Remover with 2 Replaceable Clean Heads 3 Adjustable Modes Dental Calculus for Home and Travel

Product Description
Features of Tooth dental calculus remover:
1. This product adopts the principle of intelligent high frequency vibration and is equipped with professional cleaning head of dentist, which can effectively remove cigarette stains, tea stains, tartar and dental calculi on the tooth surface.

2. Instrument with LED lamp design, with strong light.When using, it can help illuminate every part of the mouth and remove the dead corner of dirt conveniently.

3. The instrument is equipped with two cleaning heads.Pointed tip can be used to clean between teeth and root.Flat ends are used to clean and polish the inner and outer surfaces of teeth.When used in combination, it helps remove dirt and stones from your teeth, and gives you a fresh breath and a confident smile.

4. Let the dirt show ,LED auxiliary lights illuminate blind areas :This product is creative and equipped with strong light LED lamp to illuminate every corner of the mouth and teeth, convenient to view the specific location of dental stones and other problems, more convenient and effective removal.

5. Strong cleansing and oral care ,Intelligent high frequency vibration, effectively clean teeth :Using the principle of high frequency vibration, the tooth cleaner can reach the frequency of 20,000 times/minute. Combined with the professional teeth cleaning head, it can effectively clean the stones and stubborn stains on the tooth surface, so as to get rid of the source of oral problemsdental calculus remover25.jpgdental calculus remover26.jpgdental calculus remover29.jpgdental calculus remover30.jpgdental calculus remover31.jpgdental calculus remover32.jpgdental calculus remover34.jpgdental calculus remover38.jpg



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