Anti-bacterial and deodorizing smell wool sport men thermal underwear

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Product Overview



Product Description


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Product Advantage

1. Strong thermal power by using Danlon fiber.

Danlon fiber has excellent heat insulation which helps keeping your body temperature and it also helps avoid taking in cold air.

2. Comfortably dry your skin by absorbing perspiration.

Hidamari fabric has moisture permeability works for keeping smooth and comfortably dry your skin by absorbing perspiration.The fabric has also function for anti-bacterial and deodorizing smell due to aging, isovaleric acid, nonenal, ammonia odor that's why feeling always comfortable and fresh.

3. Proud of Made in Japan

Hidamari are made at two private factories in Japan. Knitting, cutting, sewing, product inspection and packing etc.…all those processes are conducted in our private factories. We focus on all products details precisely in order to provide high quality products to customers.



What is so special for QM?

<Fabric - Significant difference from others>

1)Strong Thermal power
Danlon fiber.Danlon is used PVC which has excellent heat insulation and helps keeping your body temperature. It means not easily affected cold air from outside therefore, warmth air is packed inside Hidamari underwear.


Hidamari fabric are woven by three types of thread. Danlon comes skin side, nylon comes in the middle, aclyric and wool are on the surface of fabric. The fabric is processing quilt wave so that fabric is not normal flat type but, it is uneven which helps making lots air rooms between skin and fabric.These air rooms are important to keep warm air.




3)Always feel fresh
Moisture permeability is very high because of using Danlon which works for keeping smooth and comfortably dry your skin by absorbing perspiration.



4)Hidamari use a deodorant fiber which is anti-bacterial and deodorizing smell due to aging, isovaleric acid, nonenal, ammonia odor.


<Design & Style-functional and smart>

1) Top inner is designed harf high neck with zipper. Zipper is designed slightly diagonal line which helps open&close easily.
2) Both arms have elbow patches.
3) There is smart wappen on the left upper arm.
4) Back side of body length is longer than front side.
5) Pants(Tights) have knee patches on both knees.
6) There are elastic bands on leg open.
7) Elastic west with string is adjust west size easier.


Size chart for Men





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Company Information


Kensen was established as fuctional innerwear company in 1977 .The first factory is located in Niigata Japan where has deep snow during winter season. Kensen produced extremely warm innerwear.Its brand is named Hidamari.The origin of name "Hidamari"is to warm up body just like by sunshine warmth(Hidamari) .It's said "A cold can lead to more serious illnesses"therefore,not to be cold, keep warm to be well-being. Hidamari innerwear became very popular among Moutain climbers. In 1991,a mountaineering party of Gunma prefecture was wearing Hidamari and was succeeded to climb Mt.Everest southwest face.A photo was taken on Mt.Everest at that time. Amazingly, they showed Hidamari innerwear on the mountain which proved how much warm Hidamari innerwear was.The photo was outstanding so that Hidamari became well-known especially, among people who live cold districts and it also among Moutain climbers.In 2015,Kensen had a second factory in Kohchi Japan.Kohchi is famous for beautiful river SHIMANTO which is said "The last and the most clear river in Japan".Now a half of Hidamari inners are produced there.
Hidamari has been loved and supported by many people for 43 years.Hidamari has been kept focusing on high quality without compromising for our customers and "comfort and Well-being"is our company's slogan since the etablishment of our company.

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