CTECHI Lithium Battery Pack Rechargeable Power Supply Power Bank Emergency Solar Portable Generator 300W Potable Power Station

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CTECHI Lithium Battery Pack Rechargeable Power Supply Power Bank Emergency Solar Portable Generator 300W Potable Power Station


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CTECHI is a portable power station solution provider, mainly expertise in portable power station 150W, 200W, 300W, 500W,
600W,1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W.
CTECHI was founded in 2005 by a team with more than 15 years of working experience in lithium batteries. We are committed to designing better battery solutions and providing one-to-one service to each domestic and foreign customer.
Lithium battery innovation brings more possibilities for the development of many projects and brings more convenience to
everyone's life. Smart product development requires multiple systems integration and effective teamwork. We were born to meet this market demand, powering your life anywhere, anytime.
◆ 60% of our customers use CTECHI products recreationally
Van Life
◆ 57% of our customers use CTECHI products for emergency situations
Disaster Relief
Home Backup
Medical Devices
◆ 30% of our customers use CTECHI products professionally
Event Production
Business Travel


Question: Can this power a CPAP all night 8 hrs?
Answer: Hi, it depends. CTECHI portable power station powers a CPAP machine longer when turning off the humidifier and heating mode.
How to calculate the working times for Your Device?
Working time = 160Wh* 0.85 / operate power of your device For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 30W, working time will be 160Wh*0.85/30W=4.5 hrs (roughly calculated). Actual power consumption varies from different usages, consult CTECHI for better purchase decision. Also, we would like to recommend 500 and 1000 for you. They have much bigger capacity than 160.
Question: Can you use this indoors during a power outage?
Answer: Yes, you can use indoors during a power outage, so you charge your phone, laptop, LED light etc devices.
Question: Which device can I use?
Answer: CTECHI portable power supply 160 can charge devices such as small drones, mini refrigerators, TVs, electric
blankets,smartphones, cameras, laptops and LED lights. You can use household appliances with a rated output power within 150W.
Question: Can I charge the product while it is powered?
Answer: Yes, it can. It can supply power during charging, and supports straight-through charging.
Question: Can all the ports be used at the same time as it's charging?
Answer: Yes, the product supports pass-through charging, Which means you can use all the ports while charging, both from wall outlet and a solar panel (sufficient sun power needed). Only the recharging speed will be reduced, as all the ports are also discharging the battery because of devices you plugged in. How much slowly also depends on the devices you 're plugging in.
Question: What kind of batteries can these solar panels charge?
Answer: It is necessary to consider the output of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery. For CTECHI portable power station supply 160, we recommend using 18V/60W solar charger. You can also charge sealed lead-acid batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries and open lead-acid batteries.

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