Ultra-micro UV Vis spectrophotometer Nano spectrophotometer NanoReady Touch

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Ultra-micro UV Vis spectrophotometer Nano spectrophotometer NanoReady Touch

Product Description


NanoReady Touch series ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer, built-in 7-inch color touch screen, can complete all detection functions without connecting to a computer, display test results in real time, store historical data, or export to a computer Android operating system, software interface optimized for touch operation habits to maximize the operating experience.
       All-in-one design, more compact appearance, is very suitable for increasingly crowded laboratories, or as a vehicle-mounted mobile detection equipment. It can be used to detect the concentration of nucleic acids, proteins, bacterial cell cultures, etc., and to determine the absorbance of unknown samples.

    1. Large-size color touch screen: Built-in 7-inch high-resolution color touch screen can display more detection information, and all software operations can be completed on the screen.

    2.Wider detection range: The minimum detection pathlength of 0.03mm, and the combination of a new generation of spectrometer, will increase the maximum detection concentration to 27,500ng / μL and the minimum detection concentration to as low as 0.2ng / μL dsDNA.

    3.A variety of different configurations: According to different needs, you can choose different configurations of full wavelength / fixed wavelength, micro / cuvette to meet the flexible detection needs. The cuvette tank has a heating and stirring function.

    4.Customizable wavelength: built-in spectrometer, fixed-wavelength model products, can be upgraded to any wavelength configuration in the wavelength range according to demand.

    5.Light status reminder: The light strip around the test stand flashes with different states, and the detection process is intuitive and clear.

    6.Android operating system: The machine has a built-in operating system and detection software, no need to configure a computer. Graphical touch operation is more in line with usage habits and improves work efficiency.

    7.The detection value is stable and reliable: Whether it is low concentration or ultra high concentration nucleic acid, it can be stable and accurate detection.


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